Gender Gap

Los Angeles Subway

Report: How L.A.'s Transportation System Fails Women

According to an LADOT study, the city's women face disproportionate barriers in accessing safe, efficient transportation.

August 11, 2021 - LAist

Woman Walking London

Women Avoid Walking Due to Fear of Assault, Survey Says

A global survey shows that women around the world overwhelmingly cite fear of assault as the top reason for avoiding walking.

July 21, 2021 - Streetsblog USA

Dockless Scooter Share

The Electric Scooter Gender Gap

Men are twice as likely to ride electric scooters and related small, electric assist vehicles, according to new research.

December 10, 2019 - CityLab

Minneapolis Bike Lanes

Even With Higher Cycling Rates in the Twin Cities, Gender Gap Persists

Twice as many men as women commute by bike in Minneapolis-St. Paul, and the likely reasons are varied.

June 17, 2019 - MinnPost

Bus Stop and Bike Lane

The Gender Gap for Biking Is Larger in Seattle Than the National Average

People on bikes or men on bikes?

June 6, 2019 - The Seattle Times

Manhattan Bike Lane

Keeping Construction Sites Clear for Bike Lanes

A proposed law in New York City wants to make sure construction doesn't impede the safe flow of bicycle traffic—the benefit could include better gender representation.

October 4, 2018 - AM New York

Woman in Bike Lane, Toronto, Canada

Survey: Women Opt for Safer Bike Infrastructure

Most cyclists would rather ride apart from vehicle traffic, but that preference is especially pronounced among women.

September 16, 2018 - Streetsblog USA

Tackling the Design Profession's Gender Equity Problem

With increasing awareness and discussion about the gender gap apparent across most of Corporate America, this article explores how the Architecture and Engineering industry is seeking to close the gap and empower women.

March 20, 2017 - Doggerel

Citi Bike Tackles Biking's Gender Gap

New York City's bike share program, Citi Bike, enjoys a greater percentage of female cyclists that the city as a whole, but still only reaches 25 percent. The problem is typical of bike share programs in the United States.

July 20, 2015 - The New York Times N.Y. / Region

Surveying the Biking Gender Gap

A survey of the relevant studies, articles, and ideas about why women ride bikes so much less than men.

May 11, 2015 - Urbanful

Study: Domestic Responsibilities Contributing to Biking's Gender Gap

Answering the question of why more women in the United States don't bike, researchers find that infrastructure and design only explains some of the gender gap. Another obstacle for women: a higher share of chores and child-supporting car trips.

October 6, 2014 - The Guardian Bike Blog

Women Bikers Ride to 'Take Back the Streets'

Even Andrews reports on the unsafe environment that women encounter while on their bikes—and the organizations and people who are working to make the roads safer from harassment.

July 10, 2014 - Grist

What Does 'Feminine' Mean to Women Who Bike?

Women are less likely to ride bikes than males in the United States, and part of the complicated issues of gender and biking have at least partly to do with perceptions. A recent article examines what it means to be “feminine” while riding a bike.

April 16, 2014 - Atlantic Cities

What Does Citi Bike Data Reveal About New York City?

A website called I Quant NY has produced a string of posts examining recent ridership data released by Citi Bike. The visualizations and maps produced by the site make a good case for the value of open data.

April 9, 2014 - I Quant NY

Saudi Arabia's Women-Only Industrial City Aims to Close Gender Gap

Caroline Davies reports on the development of a women-only industrial city in Saudi Arabia, that the government hopes will give women a more prominent role in their country's development while maintaining their second-class status.

August 15, 2012 - The Guardian

Where It Pays To Be A Woman

To mark the upcoming anniversary of International Women's Day, Sarah Morrison investigates the best and worst places around the world to be a woman.

March 5, 2012 - The Independent

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