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Climate Change

20 hours ago
The Infrastructure for Rebuilding America program will, for the first time, support projects aimed specifically at reducing emissions and fighting the effects of climate change and environmental racism.
2 days ago
The state legislature is weighing three proposals that seek to fund improvements to aging infrastructure and upgrade the state's transportation network.
Seattle Times
6 days ago
Rejoining the international climate accord is the first step into a long journey back into the good faith of the international community working to curb emissions and prevent the worst effects of climate change.
The Washington Post
6 days ago
Living in Texas this week has reminded me how dependent we are on infrastructure—and how interdependent these systems are. It's time we started investing in infrastructure as if it really matters to our daily lives.
Bill Fulton via Medium
February 18, 2021, 11am PST
The Sharpsburg Ecodistrict in Pennsylvania has been recognized with EcoDistrict Certification, joining Millvale and Etna to become the third certified community in Southwestern Pennsylvania's Triboro Ecodistrict—and the world.
February 18, 2021, 9am PST
As bad as the power outages are in Texas, they would be much worse if the independent energy grid operator hadn't initiated rolling blackouts. In an extensive interview with CBS Austin, Bill Magness, the head of ERCOT, explains what went wrong.
CBS Austin
February 17, 2021, 10am PST
The organization claims the standards used by cities are consistent and capture the most policy-relevant emissions.
February 16, 2021, 11am PST
New Zealand’s Climate Change Commission, He Pou a Rangi ("a Pillar of the Sky"), recently released a Draft Advice for Consultation Report that describes necessary steps to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions and address climate change.
He Pou a Rangi Draft Advice for Consultation
February 12, 2021, 6am PST
An initiative to promote pedestrian-oriented infrastructure investments in Washington state highlights the lessons that policymakers can learn from people who rely on walking and public transit.
The Seattle Times
February 11, 2021, 10am PST
New research shows that the voluntary emissions measurements conducted by many cities vastly undercount their greenhouse gas production.
The New York Times
February 11, 2021, 9am PST
More cities are banning the use of natural gas in new buildings. Seattle is the latest example.
The Seattle Times
February 10, 2021, 8am PST
The federal government, and even some automakers, seemed poised to nudge the country toward a future of electric vehicles. But the American preference for large trucks will be an obstacle to those plans.
Los Angeles Times
February 9, 2021, 8am PST
Sobering findings from a thorough examination of the causes of the 2018 Camp Fire.
The Sacramento Bee
February 9, 2021, 7am PST
A more concerted effort could bring together the state's recent plans and federal infrastructure investment to link the region and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Press Herald
February 7, 2021, 7am PST
The Biden administration's climate plan calls for sweeping reform in the country's energy policy and places new focus on addressing racial and economic disparities.
The Washington Post
Blog post
February 3, 2021, 7am PST
Many companies set goals to achieve by 2020 and came up short, while the effects of climate change were more obvious than ever in the year that was 2020.
James Brasuell
February 1, 2021, 6am PST
Shortly after Transportation secretary-nominee Pete Buttigieg told a Senate committee that all options were on the table to pay for federal transportation investment, a spokesperson ruled out a gas tax hike.
Roll Call
January 27, 2021, 6am PST
As climate change intensifies, Detroit could see more devastating floods and deadlier heat waves.
Planet Detroit
January 25, 2021, 8am PST
The map of metropolitan areas that drive least, and thus emit fewer greenhouse gas emissions, has been completely redrawn by the pandemic, according to a recent report.
Smart Cities Dive
January 21, 2021, 11am PST
Signs of worsening drought conditions in the American West are triggering early actions for states that depend on water from the Colorado River.