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Climate Change

4 days ago
Sea-level rise has passed a tipping point in the Gulf of Mexico.
6 days ago
The dam failures that sent residents of Michigan scrambling last week can be connected to the extreme weather events created by climate change, according to experts.
Inside Climate News
May 20, 2020, 8am PDT
A recently published study predicts a 4 to 7 percent decline in greenhouse gas emissions for 2020 compared to 2019.
The Washington Post
May 12, 2020, 11am PDT
Transportation activity is down considerably, but other sources of carbon dioxide are still going strong.
May 12, 2020, 10am PDT
Avoiding the effects of climate change should not be a privilege for the wealthy.
The New York Times
April 26, 2020, 1pm PDT
We can't go back to the way of life that makes pollution and climate change acceptable, according to multiple articles published on and around Earth Day. It's time for change.
Los Angeles Times
April 23, 2020, 7am PDT
The Ann Arbor City Council wants a more specific consideration of expenses before it will hold a final vote on the A2Zero carbon neutrality plan.
April 22, 2020, 11am PDT
The potential of the coronavirus to influence the way we travel and where we live is explored in this deep dive that also imagines how the world might benefit from less vehicle travel, during and after a pandemic.
Green Resilience Strategies
April 20, 2020, 8am PDT
The Western United States is experiencing a drought the scale of which has only been seen once before in the past 1,200 years, according to a new study. Climate change is not a future problem, say the researchers responsible for the study, it's here.
The Washington Post
April 15, 2020, 12pm PDT
Heavy flooding are expected to strain the Mississippi and Missouri rivers in Spring 2020, just as resources are stretched thin by the coronavirus.
American Rivers
April 13, 2020, 11am PDT
Lawmakers in Washington state fell short of passing comprehensive legislation this year to meet long-term goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
April 3, 2020, 7am PDT
Officials in cities along the East Coast are realizing that maybe they shouldn’t rebuild on land that repeatedly floods. But that’s easier said than done.
Shelterforce Magazine
April 1, 2020, 5am PDT
Now that everyone understands what an exponential curve looks like, how it works, and how it brings life-threatening risk to their lives, it might be time to re-examine the realities of climate change, too.
March 3, 2020, 10am PST
In Manila and the San Francisco Bay Area, the severe impacts of rising sea levels are indisputable. But the only similarities are that both places face very uncertain futures.
The New York Times
March 3, 2020, 6am PST
A bi-partisan bill introduced in the U.S. Senate would inform better information sharing between federal agencies and local code-making powers to ensure more resilient infrastructure.
U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin (D-Wisconsin)
March 1, 2020, 7am PST
Tribal communities are preparing for climate impacts by drawing on their deep understanding of the relationship between humans and the natural environment.
Yale Environment 360
February 26, 2020, 7am PST
A high-profile appointment highlights the launch of Denver's new Office of Climate Action, Sustainability, and Resiliency.
Colorado Community Media
February 26, 2020, 6am PST
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers was on the verge of proposing a plan to protect New York City from storm surges and sea-level rise. Instead, the city of New York has lost federal support for a path toward climate resilience.
February 26, 2020, 5am PST
The reality of ride hailing has fallen well short of the wishful thinking about reduced congestion and reduced pollution that defined the early days of Uber and Lyft.
The Verge
February 21, 2020, 7am PST
Severe flooding in these coastal areas will become the norm, but how to best address the environmental challenges is not entirely clear.
The New York Times