All Architecture is Post-Modern

"...all architecture – most especially that which thinks its not – is now Post Modern," writes Sam Jacob.
October 2, 2011, 9am PDT | Tim Halbur
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Jacob presents an excerpt from his commentary in the new Architecture Design Magazine which he's calling, "How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Post Modernism.":

"The argument here is that it was a grave error for Post Modernism to allow itself to be cast as a style rather than an attitude and that beyond the most superficial of glances there was a far more complex, ambitious and politicised project."

Jacob argues that the conditions of the 21st century, particularly the Internet, have flattened out the arc of history:

"Post-Modernism's pluralism – once radical – has been co-opted as free market choice. The effects of fully fledged neo-liberal capitalism on our physical, social and economic landscapes is profound and disorientating. In the wake of such pretzel logics as credit default swaps – the standard-bearing instrument of deregulated, dematerialised financial product – we might add confusion to Post-Modernism's complexity and contradiction."

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Published on Friday, September 30, 2011 in Strange Harvest
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