Health Care Beyond the Hospital

Gail Christopher is hoping that the next president might take the health care conversation out of the hospitals and into the streets.
September 24, 2008, 2pm PDT | Tim Halbur
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"The Republican and Democratic plans have clear differences. But they're together on one point: they only address access to formalized health care - the doctor-hospital-prescription-medical side. Neither party's plan recognizes mounting, compelling evidence that the most effective strategies to further peoples' health are common sense measures we as a nation could undertake.

What are those measures? They're hidden in plain sight. They include making neighborhoods safer, streets more walkable, and reducing contaminants so that we can have more safely breathable indoor and outdoor air.

A huge factor is good nutrition - local food systems that provide equitable access to the required fruits and vegetables for disease prevention. And then steps to reduce adults' and children's exposure to violence - whether it's real or popularized/legitimized in popular media."

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