40 New Nuclear Plants Planned Worldwide

Approximately 25 new nuclear plants are planned or in development in Canada, China, the EU, India, Iran, Pakistan, Russia, and South Africa. Companies in the US and UK may order an additional 15 new reactors.
February 26, 2006, 11am PST | Chris Steins | @urbaninsight
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"The US nuclear power industry has been virtually frozen since the Three Mile Island accident in 1979, but in the US Congress 2005 energy bill, tax credits worth $3.1 billion, along with liability protection and compensation for legislative delays, were added for the industry. On 30 December 2005, for the first time in years, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) certified the design of a new reactorâ€"the 1000-MW Westinghouse advanced passive (AP) reactor.

...Nuclear-industry officials have long said that the majority of growth would come in Asia. Japan is building five new power plants by 2010, and China plans to build 30 nuclear reactors, based on domestic designs, by 2020. China also sees nuclear technology as a major export opportunity, say industry analysts, and is building its second of four power plants for Pakistan, which may lead to a larger order. India has nine power plants under construction, including a fast-breeder reactor that generates its own fuel."

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Published on Thursday, February 23, 2006 in Physics Today
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