Comprehensive Plans

D.C. Comp Plan

What Are Comprehensive Plans?

The comprehensive plan, sometimes also referred to as a master plan or a general plan, is the foundational document of long-term planning and zoning in the United States.

June 23, 2021 - James Brasuell

D.C. Streetcar

D.C. Comprehensive Plan Amendments Approved

New amendments to the D.C. Comprehensive Plan set goals for new housing development and fewer cars on the road.

May 20, 2021 - Greater Greater Washington

New York Historic map

New York City Aims for Comprehensive Long-Range Planning

The city's proposed comprehensive planning bill could create a more equitable and collaborative planning process

March 4, 2021 - Gotham Gazette

BLM Plaza, Washington, D.C.

Comprehensive Plan Update Stokes Controversy in D.C.

Complex political dynamics are mustering for a showdown over D.C.'s comprehensive plan.

March 3, 2021 - The Washington Post

Compton, California

What Are Specific Plans?

Specific Plans are unique to the state of California, but come up frequently in media coverage of planning. Understanding the purpose of Specific Plans can also open a window to understanding of how planning works all over the country.

October 16, 2020 - James Brasuell

Plano DART

The Day after Plano Tomorrow

Planners in Plano, Texas are ready to pick up the pieces and move on from the demise of the Plano Tomorrow comprehensive plan.

August 14, 2020 - The Dallas Morning News


Legal Challenge Brings Down the Plano Tomorrow Comprehensive Plan

Plano Tomorrow, a comprehensive approved in 2015, has been rescinded and replaced with the city's previous master plan, approved in 2015.

August 5, 2020 - The Dallas Morning News

New York City

New York Updating its Comprehensive Waterfront Plan

Vision 2030 will update the award winning Vision 2020 New York City Comprehensive Waterfront Plan.

August 2, 2020 - NYC Planning

Beltway Traffic

Car-Centric Choices Shortchange the Walkability Goals of the 2010 Tysons Comp Plan

Ten years after Tysons, an unincorporated community in Fairfax County, Virginia, approved an award winning comprehensive plan, there's still work to be done to achieve its ambitious goals.

July 21, 2020 - The Washington Post

Washington D.C.

D.C. Comp Plan Update Includes 'Gentle Density' in Single-Family Residential Neighborhoods

A lot of long-term planning is underway in Washington, D.C.

April 29, 2020 - Urban Turf

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