California State Bill Offers Creative Solution to Sprawl

California State Bill Offers Creative Solution to Sprawl


A bill now in the California Assembly would discourage sprawl in the Sacramento region through an innovative system of revenue sharing aimed at fostering smart growth and regional cooperation. ACORN and other neighborhood groups, environmentalists, housing organizations, small businesses, and labor unions have formed the Sacramento Valley Residents for Regional Solutions, a coalition working to help pass the Sacramento Regional Smart Growth Act of 2002, AB 680 sponsored by Darrell Steinberg. In the Sacramento region, as in the rest of California, land-use decisions are "fiscalized." New growth is determined by each city's and county's desire to qualify for more sales tax revenues. Under AB 680, a third of new-growth tax revenues would be distributed among the jurisdictions in the six-county region on a per capita basis. Another third would be distributed on a point-of-sale basis only if the jurisdiction builds its fair share of the region's affordable housing and social services and has a plan for infill development and acquisition of open space.

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Posted January 10, 2002

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