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Robert Redford On Bush's Environmental Agenda

Robert Redford speaks out about Bush's environmental policies, global warming, clean energy and worms.
December 28, 2003, 3pm PST | Chris Steins | @urbaninsight
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Responding to an interviewer's question, actor Robert Redford responds: "The Bush administration has advocated the most destructive policies I've seen in the more than three decades I've been working on these matters. From the moment Bush stepped into office, not only has he been leading a vast and disciplined campaign to cripple environmental protections and enforcement across the board, he's been manufacturing more immediate crises -- war, for one -- that have kept the American public distracted and completely in the dark. And what makes our Republican leadership, both in the White House and Congress, seem all the more stupendously ignorant is that they're implementing these backward policies at a time when they could be pushing forward a new era of solutions -- tremendous technological advancements related to things like energy efficiency, renewables, sustainable building, and agriculture that are so incredibly exciting. It's as though they can't even see the historic opportunity they’re passing up."

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Published on Thursday, December 25, 2003 in Salt Lake City Weekly


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