Is Smart Growth Un-American?

An editorial asserts that the founding fathers would not have approved of the smart growth movement.
November 17, 2003, 8am PST | David Gest
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"Smart growth supporters, such as the Sierra Club and other doomsayers, attempt to scare the public into believing that 'sprawl' is going to destroy us -— even though less than 5 percent of the surface area of this country has been developed. There is no justification for this crisis mode." One recent study focusing on Portland has even shown "that 'smart growth' hurts low-income groups at disproportionately high rates...the Portland anti-sprawl restrictions did not achieve their environmental objectives, actually increasing suburbanization rates while failing to reduce vehicle miles traveled or congestion." In addition, some town plans go so far as to regulate everything from satellite dishes to "the number of garage sales a family can have per year...This [is] un-American, and [goes] against everything this country was founded upon. Destruction of property rights and pushing people in on top of one another is nothing more than communism, plain and simple, and it's all being done under the guise of conservation and environmentalism."

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Published on Wednesday, November 5, 2003 in Columbia Free Times
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