Row of Pallet Shelter tiny home units with bicycles in front


The Role of Microhousing in Ending Chronic Homelessness

Affordable, quick-build ‘tiny homes’ can serve as a key stepping stone to a permanent housing situation for people experiencing homelessness.

September 1 - Diana Ionescu

Pioneer Square, Seattle


Cool Planning for a Hotter Future

Global warming increases the importance of designing buildings and communities that are comfortable, efficient, and safe in hot conditions.

August 31 - Todd Litman

Highway Interchange


Do Highways Frustrate Mobility?

One common argument for highways is that even if they fail to reduce congestion, they allow people to go more places. This claim overlooks the effects of highways on development patterns.

August 30 - Michael Lewyn

SLOW painted on asphalt street


What Is Traffic Calming?

Traffic calming is a set of design interventions aimed at slowing or diverting car traffic to reduce the chance of crashes and improve safety for all road users.

August 29 - Diana Ionescu

A conceptual rendering of a cable-stayed bicycle and pedestrian bridge over the Sheboygan River in Sheboygan, Wisconsin


How Locals Are Planning to Spend $2.2 Billion in RAISE Transportation Grants, Part Two

Part two of a series of post providing specific information for 164 of the 166 projects recently awarded funding by the U.S. Department of Transportation's RAISE grant funding program.

August 29 - James Brasuell

A pair of electric cars plugged into charge at facilities in the corner of a shopping center parking lot.


Electric Driving Is the Future; Now Is the Time to Price It

EVs are great, but they’re not perfect. Let’s end their free ride.

August 24 - Adam Millard-Ball and Michael Manville

U.S> Department of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg delivers a speech in front of a bridge in Washington, D.C. The podium where he stands has a sign that reads: "Building a Better America."


How Locals Are Planning to Spend $2.2 Billion in RAISE Transportation Grants

The U.S. Department of Transportation earlier this month announced $2.2 billion in RAISE grants. The Biden administration has promised that the RAISE grant program will improve equity and sustainability in the nation's transportation systems.

August 22 - James Brasuell

View of buildings in Bangkok business district through extremely orange sunlight


What Is the Urban Heat Island Effect?

Man-made surfaces and urban density contribute to higher temperatures, intensifying heat waves and posing a growing danger to public health.

August 21 - Diana Ionescu

Denver Region


What Is the Transect?

In urbanism and planning, the term transect provides a conceptual framework for understanding how the scale of built environments can vary from place to place.

August 18 - James Brasuell

Man dropping cardboard box in blue curbside recycling bin


Why Urban Areas Need Increased Access to Recycling

In most residential areas across the United States, recycling is encouraged and offered as a way for residents to sustainably dispose of certain materials. But how many residents actually participate in their local recycling efforts?

August 11 - Devin Partida

A single car in an empty parking lot full of only bright yellow bollards. A caption on the image reads, "Keep calm and carry on."


Keep Calm. Carry On. AVs Are Just the End of Parking.

Opinion: As autonomous vehicles continue to appear on roads around the world, planners and engineers must be proactive in devising new and creative uses for soon-to-be-obsolete urban parking.

August 8 - William Riggs

Woman searchinig Airbnb app on phone


Short-Term Renters Matter Too

Government hostility towards short-term renters rests on the assumption that if you aren't a long-term renter, you must a tourist. But permanent residents of a city might need short-term housing as well.

August 1 - Michael Lewyn

Climate Change


'Inflation Reduction Act' a Mixed Bag for Climate Action, Planning Innovation

A roundup of all the emerging news and commentary regarding the Inflation Reduction Act, which last week broke through a Congressional roadblock to resuscitate some, but not nearly all, of the Build Back Better legislation that failed in 2021.

August 1 - James Brasuell

D.C. Land Use Map


What Is GIS?

GIS software, which combines location information with data about a range of other attributes, has become an indispensable tool for mapping and spatial analysis in urban planning and dozens of other fields.

July 31 - Diana Ionescu

Brooklyn, New York City


What Is Redevelopment?

Redevelopment includes all development projects that build new structures and land uses on a previously developed site. Understanding the nuances of redevelopment is critical for understanding the ways cities and communities change.

July 29 - James Brasuell

Parking Sign


Updated: The Perils of Central Planning for Parking

The California State Legislature is once again considering statewide parking reforms. Planetizen dusted off a Donald Shoup op-ed published last year to once again explain the stakes. While the name of the bill has changed, the terms still apply.

July 27 - Donald Shoup

Red Albuquerque bus with man boarding


The State of America’s Free Transit Programs

Dozens of cities made public transit free during the pandemic. Can transit agencies sustain these programs?

July 25 - Diana Ionescu

The interior of a multi-story apartment building includes a children's' playground and a colorful mural.


La Placita Cinco: A Strip Mall Redevelopment for Housing Affordability and Neighborhood Revitalization

U.S. cities lack land for new development but have many derelict or defunct parcels in need of revitalization. There are an estimated 70,000 strip mall centers in the country, all with tremendous potential for affordable and workforce housing.

July 21 - Tim Mustard

Tesla's chief deisnger easily smashes the window of the cybertruck in a demonstration gone wrong.


Opinion: Stop Trusting Elon Musk—on Tunnels, on Teslas, on Everything

Musk has leveraged social media intrigue and a hot streak on the market to become the standard bearer for autonomous vehicle technology. Trust Tesla at public peril, argues James Brasuell in this opinion piece.

July 18 - James Brasuell

Cover graphic for Arbitrary Lines book


Book Review: Arbitrary Lines

In addition to attacking zoning laws' limitations on housing, Gray argues that zoning fails to limit nuisances.

July 18 - Michael Lewyn

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