Bike Parking


What Is Transportation Demand Management?

When a government creates incentives or disincentives to influence how and when you travel—that's transportation demand management.

July 19 - James Brasuell

Intersection on Manhattan street with yellow cabs and black cars waiting for stoplight.


The Urbanist Case Against Congestion Pricing

And why it is wrong.

July 18 - Michael Lewyn

Blackfoot memorial statue in Glacier National Park of Native American sitting on horse


Public Lands in the United States, Part Two: The Conservation Turn and ‘America’s Best Idea’

As Western expansion reached its geographic terminus, the U.S. government began tightening rules around land use and designating protected areas such as national parks and wilderness areas, often displacing local Native Americans in favor of a Wester

July 17 - Diana Ionescu

Jane Jacobs


The 100 Most Influential Urbanists, Past and Present

Planetizen readers have decided the who's who of urbanism (and its discontents) in 2023.

July 11 - Planetizen

Gray-haired Asian man wearing glasses sitting at wooden table reading documents


How to Make Documents More Accessible With Color Contrast

There are many ways planners can be more accessible in their work. This article will briefly touch on color contrast as one of the ways to improve accessibility in planning documents.

July 11 - Ronnique Bishop

Protected bike path with raised curb in Indianapolis, Indiana


What's Incomplete About Complete Streets?

Although hundreds of states and local governments have adopted Complete Streets policies, American streets keep getting more dangerous for walkers and cyclists. What's missing from Complete Streets policies?

July 10 - Michael Lewyn

Two adults stand behind a table, gesturing toward a model of a city while talking to a young child about buildings and parks and streets.


An Urban Planner Dedicated to Winning the Funding Necessary to Do the Work

An interview with Katy Shackelford, AICP, PTP, an urban planner and a funding specialist, to discuss the unique paths a planning career can take, and how unexpected career choices can deliver big benefits.

July 10 - James Brasuell

Kenyan President William Ruta addresses Second U.N Habitat Assembly


A Rare Governance Moment for UN-Habitat

The 2nd UN-Habitat Assembly adopted resolutions highlighting key needs for achievement of its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the New Urban Agenda in cities while important partnerships were announced.

July 9 - Bruce Stiftel

Construction workers, bulldozer, and unfinished bridge or highway sillhouetted against orange sunset sky


How Does an Economic Downturn Impact City Infrastructure?

From budget cuts to delayed maintenance projects, cities adapt, prioritize, and innovate amidst financial challenges to ensure sustainable and resilient urban environments.

July 6 - Devin Partida

People walking on crowded New York City sidewalk


A Fair Share for Walking

Most people value walkability, yet most communities underinvest in pedestrian facilities. Some jurisdictions are investing more in sidewalks and crosswalks in order to better serve community values.

July 3 - Todd Litman

A large, multi-use building is adorned with blue canopies, pictured in the sunset of an urban landscape.


An Interview with the APA President: Angela D. Brooks, FAICP

APA President Angela D. Brooks discusses a career focused on affordable housing, supportive housing, and joint-use facilities. The interview suggest ways for planners to help solve some of the biggest challenges facing the country today.

July 3 - James Brasuell

Rendering of lifestyle center mixed-use complex


The Evolution of Retail Centers

Catalytic developments initiate economic and cultural improvements.

June 30 - Kurt Volkman

Black and white photo of actress Jayne Mansfield leaning out of the window of a military plane wearing flight helmet for promotional photo


The Mansfield Bar: How a Celebrity Death Changed Auto Safety

The shocking death of actress Jayne Mansfield 56 years ago today led to changes in the trucking industry, but underride crashes continue to kill hundreds of people each year.

June 29 - Diana Ionescu

Rosa Parks, Jane Jacobs, Frederick Law Olmsted


Vote for the Most Influential Urbanists, Past and Present

Readers sent hundreds of nominees for an updated version of Planetizen's Most Influential Urbanists list. Now's your chance to vote among 200 nominees.

June 29 - Planetizen

Neoclassical city hall building with dome, columns, and American flags flying in front


The Good, the Bad, and Urban Planning Politics

Urban planning and politics are two sides of the same coin.

June 27 - Marcelo Remond

Close-up of row of colorful townhouses with triangular roofs


Are Americans YIMBYs or NIMBYs? Some of Each.

A recent Zillow survey eviscerates a few myths about public opinion on housing issues, but also shows that public opinion is divided.

June 26 - Michael Lewyn

Aerial view of red center bus rapid transit lane with bus on Van Ness Avenue in San Francisco, California


What Is Bus Rapid Transit?

Combining elements of rapid transit with buses, BRT systems can provide faster, more reliable service at lower cost than rail-based transit.

June 25 - Diana Ionescu

A graphic announcing the availability of the Planetizen Guide to Graduate Urban Planning Programs, 7th Edition, including an image of the cover of the book.


The Top Schools For Urban Planners

The 7th Edition of the Planetizen Guide to Graduate Urban Planning Programs, now available, includes an updated ranking of the Top 25 master’s programs in urban planning, city planning, regional planning, and community planning.

June 22 - James Brasuell

Two people on bikes on a riverbank trail in Melbourne, Australia with city skyline in background


WTPP June Issue Spotlights Livable Cities, Essential Transportation Components

The June 2023 issue of World Transport Policy & Practice spotlights livable cities and features articles about three essential components of livable cities: public transit, bicycling, and reducing car use.

June 19 - World Transport Policy and Practice

Sign with icons indicating access to multiple transportation modes in Le Havre, France


Fair Share Transportation Planning

Don’t tell me what you claim to value; your budget indicates what you truly value. If we value fairness and efficiency, we must reform infrastructure spending to support inclusive, affordable, healthy, and resource-efficient modes.

June 18 - Todd Litman

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