February 18, 2002, 1pm PST
Nevada has filed a lawsuit to prevent the Federal government from opening Yucca Mountain to nuclear waste.
January 14, 2002, 12pm PST
Yucca Mountain, Nevada has been designated the world's first repository for high-level nuclear waste.
Las Vegas Review Journal
December 13, 2001, 10am PST
A columnist for the Las Vegas Review-Journal scoffs at Kunstler's scathing review of Las Vegas.
Las Vegas Review Journal
October 25, 2001, 9am PDT
It will be unlike any other resort on the Strip. Le Reve will feature a Picasso painting by the same name, which Wynn owns.
The Los Angeles Times
September 14, 2001, 8am PDT
Las Vegas, NV, the fastest-growing regions in the nation, is facing big-city problems. Dependent on tourism, it faces a slowing economy. And the city is losing its unique character.
August 30, 2001, 5am PDT
The Las Vegas Monorail is the world's first free public transportation system to be funded entirely by the private sector.
Las Vegas Sun
August 24, 2001, 11am PDT
Las Vegas' Strip offers pedestrian-friendly areas for tourists, but residents are forced to drive.
Las Vegas Sun
August 18, 2001, 5am PDT
Nevada's gold mining industry is eager for the Bush administration to reverse Clinton-era rules over gold mining on public lands.
The New York Times
August 17, 2001, 7am PDT
A new resort and a master-planned community built around seven golf courses are planned on tribal lands east of Las Vegas.
Urban Land Magazine
August 9, 2001, 9am PDT
Mayor Oscar Goodman discusses Las Vegas and his ideas for revitalizing downtowns.
August 3, 2001, 10am PDT
Architect Martin Stern, Jr. redefined the skyline of Las Vegas with his exuberant style.
The New York Times
August 1, 2001, 12pm PDT
Buses will be steering themselves through the streets of Las Vegas beginningin 2003 by means of an optical guidance system incorporating cameras,computers, and motors
The New York Times
July 19, 2001, 8am PDT
County planners are advocating land-use designations for the Las Vegas Valley that would help stem the tide of housing and commerical developments.
Las Vegas Sun
July 14, 2001, 7am PDT
Interesting environmental science projects are being explored at the site of the world's most dangerous nuclear experiments.
High Country News
June 22, 2001, 9am PDT
Officials chasing federal money to onstruct a high-speed, magnetically propelled train between Las Vegas and Anaheim, California, say powerful friends in Congress are keeping their bid alive.
Las Vegas Sun
June 5, 2001, 11am PDT
City officials will be review several proposals during the next few weeks to determine the amount of funds the city is prepared to invest in downtown development.
Las Vegas Sun
May 12, 2001, 8am PDT
Electronic freeway signs around Las Vegas are the first part of the a planned traffic management system intended to relieve congestion in the booming state.
Las Vegas Review Journal
May 10, 2001, 9am PDT
The profits from the 1,905-acre sale in North Las Vegas will be used to purchase privately owned land in Nevada.
The Los Angeles Times
April 19, 2001, 8am PDT
The water system of Fallon, NV, delivers a high amount of arsenic to residents.
The Chicago Tribune
April 16, 2001, 6am PDT
Las Vegas -- the city best known for it's imitation monuments -- wants to build a real downtown.
The Boston Globe