Protesters with signs in Atlanta after Tyre Nichols murder

Memphis: Crime-fighting Camera Sheds Light on Police Abuse

The irony is unmistakable. Public surveillance cameras, long controversial in the criminal justice community, provided pivotal video footage of the beating of motorist Tyre Nichols by five Memphis police officers at a traffic stop on January 7.

February 2, 2023 - The New York Times

"Municipal speed camera in use" sign

Don't Wokewash the Status Quo

There might be good reasons to oppose speed cameras and red light cameras—but racial justice is not one of them.

April 19, 2022 - Michael Lewyn


Research: Traffic Stops Don't Stop Traffic Deaths

A comprehensive study using data from 33 states shows no significant correlation between police stops and reduced crash rates.

July 22, 2021 - Streetsblog USA

Los Angeles Protest

Policing, Segregation, and Causation vs. Correlation

Racial disparities in police killings increase with segregation. Does this mean segregation causes racialized police violence?

September 3, 2020 - Shelterforce Magazine

Urban Sky

How to Adopt Long-Term Anti-Racism Solutions as an Urbanist

Nic Esposito calls for an "anti-racist reframe" of urbanism to address the attitudes and policies that have perpetuated racist systems and upheld capitalism at all costs.

August 26, 2020 - WHYY

Smart City

Pulling Back the Curtain on the Smart City

Technology is infiltrating every aspect of our lives, but, according to this article, we shouldn't underestimate the nefarious role it plays in urban spaces.

November 22, 2019 - Real Life

Street Vendor

Street Vending Makes Public Spaces Better. Stop Criminalizing It.

While recent crackdowns on street vending suggest it is a problem to be fixed, the reality is that street vendors energize urban spaces and make them more accessible for everyone.

November 20, 2019 - Curbed

Security Camera

Once a Surveillance Secret, Palantir Manual Becomes Public

The secret manual for the use of facial recognition and data collection software company Palantir was made public thanks to a FOIA request. It includes instructions on how to find a complete account of a person's movements.

July 17, 2019 - Motherboard

Homeless Encampment

One in Two Arrests in Portland Are of Homeless People

Three in 100 people in Portland are homeless.

June 29, 2018 - The Oregonian

Environmental Injustice and Police Violence Overlap Across the U.S.

Being a person of color in the United States means being physically vulnerable to both environmental hazards and police violence, two professors argue.

August 8, 2016 - CityLab

Bike and Ped Safety Signs

Safe Streets for Whom?

An equity strategist offers advice on creating safe streets programs that address systemic racism.

July 29, 2016 - Streetsblog

The Business of Speeding Tickets

Small towns in Georgia, such as Doraville along I-285, are making millions of dollars a year by issuing traffic tickets.

October 24, 2014 - Governing

Does Improved Walkability Reduce Crime?

Adam Davies writes about the results of an experimental policing project in the Netherlands that seems to demonstrate that improvements to the pedestrian environment have reduced crime in Rotterdam.

March 26, 2012 - Walkonomics

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