That Goat Position in Vancouver? Filled

The city of Vancouver is hoping to reduce its energy use and carbon emissions by hiring a goat to maintain the grounds at city hall. Though the mayor wants to expand the goat program to schools and parks, some have reservations.
April 3, 2009, 1pm PDT | Nate Berg
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"The concept is simple: Tony grazes on city hall greenspace and reduces the need for carbon-spewing lawn mowers and weed whackers. In addition to his daily grass intake, Tony consumes a high-fibre diet of prunes and whey. Tony's manure is collected and mixed with nitrogen fertilizer, which powers a battery of microwave-sized generators strategically placed inside city hall. The generators heat individual rooms and can be easily moved around the building, if necessary."

"'GoatingGreen will reduce city hall's heating bill by 30 per cent,' said Robertson, as Tony quietly nuzzled the mayor's pant leg. The savings, added Robertson, will help recoup the $37,580 program cost. GoatingGreen materials include Tony, 12 generators, two stainless steel pooper scoopers, one Goat-a-Matic tracking collar and a three-year supply of environmentally friendly fertilizer."

"Pending council approval, Robertson plans to purchase more goats and expand the program to public sites around the city, including parks and school grounds."

"But not everyone's on board."

Thanks to Brent Toderian

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Published on Wednesday, April 1, 2009 in The Vancouver Courier
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