Region Aroused: New Book Focuses On The Regional Citizen

Region Aroused: New Book Focuses On The Regional Citizen

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The book's buyer should be motivated as a regional Citizen: a person who understands and is dedicated to the Regional Process of cooperation and action on key factors. Even more important, they must be ready to interact effectively with others interested in making the region work. This means involving the average citizen not knowledgable in regional matters, but wishing to achieve a more livable, mobile region.


Part I 1999-2000

  • Needed Regional Reforms
  • Rise of a Subregion
  • Transportation Shortfalls
  • Communities Coming Together
  • Legislature Political Intrigue

    Part II 2000

  • Region in Tumult
  • Continuing Transit Dilemma
  • Citizen Bonding
  • Transportation Finance Crisis
  • Inner-City Reinvestment
  • Emerging Regional Transit

    Part III 2000-2001

  • Visioning Reshaped Growth
  • Regional Outreach
  • Regional Airports Dilemma
  • Affordable Housing Controversy
  • Problematic 2001 Regional Plan
  • Toward Environmental Justice

    Part IV 2000-2001

  • Subregional Cooperation
  • Regional Polarization
  • Tax-Base Sharing
  • Regional Planning Legislation
  • Final Regional Plan

    Part V 2003 Into Future

  • Region Aroused


    As a life-long professional planner, Osgood has taught and practiced planning for almost 50 years nationally. He has degrees from Michigan State and Georgia Tech and taught at Iowa State.He worked as a planning consultant in Los Angeles in the 1980's and lived there since the early 1990's.

    Based on experiences on a number of regional studies, Osgood has outlined several messages in his book, REGION AROUSED:

    l. Public policies and private lives are invariably intertwined.

    2. Many public policies depend for success on how well they're linked to other public policies, especially between housing, jobs and transportation, but also environmental protection, economic revitalization and social

    3. The involvement of increasing numbers of well-informed "regional citizens" is essential to bringing issues into the open and promoting solutions that are in the public interest.

    4. Dedicated media can be major contributors to good public policy.

    5. An open, creative, and well-staffed regional council of governments can be a major asset to successul regional planning.


    In a book review appearing in the American Planning Association's August/September 2004 issue of PLANNING, Bruce McDowell, FAICP, and fellow of the National Academy of Public Administration in Washington, D.C., makes the following observations about Osgood's book, REGION AROUSED:

    "Osgood has taken his voluminous notes from hundreds of meetings, combined them with source documents and painstaking research, and produced a very readable narrative that transports the reader through all the stages of the planning process from October 1999 to September 2001. He especially wants to reach regional citizens and community-based leaders, because he is convinced that without them the public agencies have an almost impossible job. The region is incomprehensively complex, governmentally and otherwise, and its planning is subject to extreme decision-making gridlock."

    "Based on his experiences as member, vice-chair and chair of the Southern California Association of Governments, Regional Advisory Council when the plan was being revised, he decided to develop a story with dialogue, intrigue and drama, rather than a technical report on things happening." As McDowell covers in his book review, Osgood "follows several key characters through the planning process, shows how their roles--state legislator, regional council chair, prominent newspaper reporter, citizen activist, lobbyist, businessman--interact, as do their private and public lives."

    He goes on to say that "the result is a comprehensive retelling of the regional planning drama that produced the 2001 regional plan." Or put another way a professional account of the planning process by an insider.

    "...Anyone interested in regional planning--anywhere in the U.S." should read this book. "Osgood intends to create a whole new generation of regional citizen."


    REGION AROUSED is 302 pages priced at $26.00 and can be purchased:

  • Directly at Hennessey and Ingalls Bookstore in Santa Monica, CA (Ph .
    310/458-9074 or
  • By direct order in 7 days from any major or independent bookstore.
  • Through Amazon or Rosedog Books on the Internet.
  • Copies can even be accessed on the Internet through
  • Efforts underway to sell books through book signings and adding book stores with copies

    Other inquiries can be made by contacting the author, Frank Osgood.

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    For more information contact:

    Frank Osgood
    c/o Rosedog Books, Publisher


    Email: [email protected]

  • Posted February 9, 2005

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