Schools, Communities, & Local Planning

Schools, Communities, & Local Planning

Planning Commissioners Journal

"Creating more neighborhood schools is one of the most important avenues for advancing quality of life ... It makes sense from a learning standpoint, an economic standpoint, and it makes sense if you want to have schools that are part of a community's fabric as opposed to part of its sprawl."

Those words by South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford reflect the growing challenge facing both planners and school officials: how to make today's schools an integral part of the community.

The just published Fall issue of the Planning Commissioners Journal (PCJ) focuses on schools and planning. It provides an excellent basic introduction to some of the issues facing planners interested in strengthening the relationship of schools and local planning.

Included in this issue of the PCJ:

-- "Back to School for Planners." Decisions about school siting have profound implications for towns, cities, and counties nationwide. Tim Torma, a policy analyst for the U.S. EPA's Smart Growth program, focuses on the role schools play in our communities, and the connections between school and community planning.

-- "Breach the Wall of Separation." Columnist Elaine Cogan looks at ways of improving communications between school and planning boards.

-- "Dealing With Schools: A Roundtable Discussion." Four planners discuss a range of school planning issues, including temporary trailers, the role of the school planner, and impact fees.

-- "Safe Routes to School." Transportation planner Hannah Twaddell provides a primer on the rapidly growing "safe routes to school" movement.

-- "Who Will House Our Children?" Planning consultant Judith Barrett offers brief insights on some of the difficulties encountered in providing housing for families with school age children.

-- also in this issue of the PCJ: "Preparing Successful Grant Proposals." Consultant Tobin Scipione offers advice on researching and writing grant proposals, highlighting the elements of a successful local Safe Routes to School grant application.

The Fall PCJ can be ordered for delivery by mail, or can be ordered & downloaded from our PlannersWeb site ---

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Posted November 3, 2004

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