Inland Empire 2003 Visioning Summit

Inland Empire 2003 Visioning Summit

La Jolla Institute

The Visioning Summit laid out the need to become "an innovative place" and advanced ideas on how to proceed. Capitalizing on this emerging momentum, some next steps include:

1. Gather local leaders who attended the Summit into three committees to address:
(A) Growth, Development and Cascading Urban Villages
(B) Economy, Education and Marketing the Region
(C) Infrastructure and Environment

2. Build on existing local partnerships between business, parents and educators, forming an educational environment that drives new jobs and a new economy.

3. Formulate a public policy strategy that would discuss:
(A) A coordinated infrastructure master plan
(B) Maximizing the utilization of real estate (i.e., upgrading existing downtowns, etc.)
(C) Access to ubiquitous wireless and broadband technology
(D) Transportation management systems and alternatives

4. Promote the investment in high quality, high density in-fill projects in
existing downtowns to generate new "urban villages."

5. Establish standards for a more "business friendly" environment, streamline
regulations and foster greater cooperation between business and government.

6. Facilitate the emergence of a single voice for the region on critical issues, such as:
(A) Environment
• Attaining greater regional representation in regulatory bodies
• Expanding public education regarding environmental issues
• Adopting the Clean Cities Coalition Program (U.S. Department of Energy)
• Addressing air-quality pollutants
• Leveraging the Riverside County Integrated Project for endangered species
(B) Relationships with other Governmental Entities
• Southern California Association of Government
• California State Legislature
• South Coast Air Quality Management District
• Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Board
• U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service

Throughout 2004, the committees will also serve the critical function of ensuring that the momentum of the visioning process is carried forward. We anticipate that each committee member will engage his/her constituency in order to spread the visioning effort.

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For more information contact:

Steve PonTell
La Jolla Institute
1757 S. Euclid Ave
CA 91762

Phone: 909-460-1500
Email: [email protected]

Posted February 23, 2004

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