Charrette Training: Austin, May 30-31

Charrette Training: Austin, May 30-31

National Charrette Institute

The National Charrette Institute (NCI), a non-profit organization that trains professionals in the Charrette process, has developed a two-day Charrette training for planners, architects, urban designers, public and private land developers, and public involvement facilitators.

The Charrette is a collaborative process for empowering people who are critical to a project to work together and support the results. Charrettes can be used virtually any time a product needs to be created or designed. The NCI Charrette focuses on public or private land use and building planning and development.

In the current environment of increasing difficulty and complexity for public and private planning initiatives, Charrettes are becoming a valuable resource. The NCI Charrette is a method for building consensus and gaining public support for the most challenging planning and development issues- such as increasing density, integrating a mix of uses and a diversity of residences, and creating a healthy public realm. Charrettes forge strong partnerships between public and private entities and helps to create plans that result in the development of healthy communities.

"How to Design and Run a Successful Charrette," will be held in Austin, Texas on May 30-31, 2002. Enrollment at this event will be limited, so please make reservations through NCI's website at, or contact Aarin Lutzenhiser at the National Charrette Institute, 321 SW Fourth Ave., Suite 800, Portland, OR 97204. Phone (503) 228-9240, fax 228-2010, or e-mail [email protected]. NCI's next program is scheduled for Orlando, Florida on June 27-28.

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For more information contact:

Aarin Lutzenhiser
National Charrette Institute
321 SW 4th Ave., Suite 800
OR 97204

Phone: 503-228-9240
Fax: 503-228-2010
Email: [email protected]

Posted May 10, 2002

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