UBC Sustainable Development Research Institute Launches Design-a-Future Computer Game

UBC Sustainable Development Research Institute Launches Design-a-Future Computer Game

The Sustainable Development Research Institute

Georgia Basin QUEST, a computer simulation game developed by UBC's Sustainable Development Research Institute (SDRI) that lets players design the kind of future they'd like to live in, made its public debut at Science World British Columbia on November 28, 2001.

SDRI has developed the leading-edge scenario building tool to get users to explore and choose possible futures for the Georgia Basin region of British Columbia by inputting their own choices on over 40 topics including: housing, government, energy and food sources, neighbourhoods, urban growth, and transportation. GB-QUEST then predicts the impact those choices will have on the future of society in the region.

While it may have the look, user friendliness and appeal of any other computer game, GB-QUEST is based on sound academic research. Players are confronted with making decisions that are based on real data and reflect the real choices and consequences that decision-makers of the future will face. GB-QUEST's public launch marks the beginning of a two and a half-year process to get people in the region to contribute to a dialogue on sustainability by playing it

"QUEST gives people the opportunity to make up their own mind about the future they prefer, based on expert knowledge about the impacts of their choices," says Dr. John Robinson of the Georgia Basin Futures Project (GBFP). "Our goal is to get tens of thousands of adults and students to play GB-QUEST and to provide us with their vision of the region, and a rich picture of the things people care about and what they want and don't want in their future."

As of November 28, anyone with access to a computer with an Internet connection will be able to play the beta version of GB-QUEST by logging onto www.basinfutures.net.

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For more information contact:

Aileen Penner
The Sustainable Development Research Institute
219-1924 West Mall, UBC
BC V6T 1Z2

Phone: (604) 822-9154
Email: [email protected]
Web: http://www.basinfutures.net

Posted January 15, 2002

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