Dearth Valley

How would you like to commute 100 miles in each direction? It's happening in Silicon Valley because jobs there are a dime a dozen. Housing isn't.
July 21, 2000, 7am PDT | Laura Kraft
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Santa Clara County has become the world captial of the computer industry, but Coyote valley represents the Santa Clara County of old: Horses in the pasture. Row crops greening the rich soil. Motorists at roadside fruit stands.This would seem a very long way from the shiny office parks where computer engineers and entrepreneurs reinvent the world every six months - and get paid handsomely for it. Although Coyote Valley is part of the city of San Jose, it has remained off-limits to the industrial growth that has made Silicon Valley the envy of economoic developers everywhere. In fact, Coyote Valley is the city's last, large undeveloped area.William Fulton is the publisher of California Planning & Development Report. Paul Shigley is the publication's managing editor.This article summary is provided as a service to the urban planning community. However, this article is not available online. For subscription or ordering information, visit Planning Magazine at:

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