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Rock To Frozen Music

The Experience Music Project, architecture icon Frank Gehry's latest building, will open later this week.

June 20 - Time

L.A. to Fix Sidewalks - Not This Century

Daily News calls the City Council's efforts to fix L.A.'s sidewalks too little, too late.

June 19 - Los Angeles Daily News

Lockyer Supports Rezoning Lawsuit

State Attorney General Bill Lockyer supports environmental groups suing San Diego County for rezoning plans.

June 19 - The San Diego Union-Tribune

Planning a New UC Campus in Merced

How do planners balance smart growth concepts with the University of California's campus development formula?

June 19 - The Sacramento Bee

Costliest Subway in U.S. History?

The L.A. subway's Metro Rail Red Line will soon open toconnect downtown with the San Fernando Valley.

June 19 - Long Beach Press-Telegram

Architecture meets Philosophy

Architects and philosophers meet at an annual conference. Critics say it is just "intellectual fashion."

June 19 - The New York Times

Alameda Corridor: Progress at What Cost?

Some businesses along 20-mile Alameda Corridor project are complaining about construction impacts. Officials say project is on-schedule.

June 19 - The Los Angeles Times

Swamp Land to Real Estate?

Scheme to convert a flood control basin to real estate backfires in Orange, California.

June 19 - OC Weekly

Runoff Rules May Raise Construction Costs

Proposed stormwater runoff rules aim to keep polluted water from entering the ocean but could also increase development costs in the Los Angeles area.

June 18 - The New York Times

MacArthur Grant For Environmental Planner

Lucy Blake, director of the Sierra Business Council, wins MacArthur Foundation "Genius" Grant.

June 18 - The Los Angeles Times

LA's $4.7-Billion Red Line: Planning and Politics

The LA Times prepares a fascinating case study about what happens when transportation planning goes up against politics.

June 18 - The Los Angeles Times

Taking the Pall off the Strip Mall

Urban Land Institute provides "Ten Commandments" to aid in the revitalization and restructuring of suburban commercial strips.

June 18 - PRNewswire

Filling the Fletcher Flood Control Basin

A flood control basin in Orange, California, loses its flood protection capacity after being filled up with dirt.

June 17 - OC Weekly

Building Bans Win More Fans

The federal government's power to enact temporary building bans is upheld after being challenged by Lake Tahoe landowners.

June 17 - The Los Angeles Times

HUD Releases State of Cities

Department of Housing and Urban Development publishes localized information on the State of the Cities for 114 metro areas.

June 17 - HUD News

State Versus Local Planning

An unintended consequence of Proposition 13, which limits local governments’ ability to impose taxes, is more State decisionmaking for local planning efforts.

June 16 - The Sacramento Bee

California State Budget Targets Reduction in Sprawl

State budget negotiations includes $135 million in "Smart Growth" incentives.

June 16 - The Stockton Record

Electric Vehicles Get a Boost

Electric and natural gas vehicles allowed to use in California's carpool lanes.

June 16 - The Los Angeles Times

Use Budget Surplus to Develop Housing

Housing professionals present a strong economic argument for a reliable and affordable housing stock for all residents.

June 16 - The Los Angeles Times

High-speed Train For Southland

Proposal for a Southland high-speed train system using magnetic levitation technology is being considered.

June 16 - Long Beach Press-Telegram

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