Sustainability Leadership and ESG Commitments

Lendlease’s new head of sustainability in the Americas, Sara Neff, describes the advantages of the Australian company’s global integrated business model and leadership in sustainable buildings.

November 3, 2021, 11:02 AM PDT

By Clare Letmon

With residential and commercial buildings in California contributing roughly 25 percent of the state’s GHG emissions, decarbonizing the built environment represents an important pillar for achieving meaningful climate goals. TPR interviews Lendlease’s new head of sustainability in the Americas, Sara Neff, to update readers on the advantages of the Australian company’s global integrated business model and leadership in sustainable buildings. Neff underscores the impact of ESG-minded investors in driving the market for sustainability, healthy living, and social equity practices.

In this interview, Neff describes the importance of life-cycle analyses and the monitoring the use of embodied carbons in building projects that are better for the environment. 

"We recognize that the largest impacts on the environment from our projects are in the embodied carbon of our construction materials... we are not waiting to tackle those emissions. Projects need to have an LCA in the design phase, so we understand what the embodied carbon is and we can actively work with our suppliers in order to be able to deliver the lowest embodied carbon project we can."

For Lendlease, thinking sustainably is not only important in the design phase. Neff describes some of the key healthy living technologies and practices that Lendlease is incorporating into its projects. 

"I think the pandemic has taught us the deep importance of connectivity to outdoor space and the ability to be flexible in terms of the programming requirements that we have been able to offer our tenants... we have provided outdoor yoga and outdoor fitness opportunities to make sure that the amenities are not entirely predicated on being able to be indoors and unmasked. You will see us investing in public green spaces, parks, and similar infrastructure to allow more flexibility in the way that our residents enjoy our projects."

For more on the work Lendlease is doing across the Americas in the world of sustainable project lifestyles, check out the full interview below. 

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