April 1, 2011, 2pm PDT
Building permits have surprisingly picked up in the city of Townsville, Indiana, forcing the city's planning department to replace its automated telephone response system with an actual human staffer.
Planetizen April 1st Edition
April 1, 2011, 1pm PDT
Bicyclists and drivers in New York City have been at each others' throat in recent months as the city installs new bike lanes throughout the city. After many bitter words, the former foes have joined forces against a new enemy: people on foot.
Planetizen April 1st Edition
April 1, 2011, 12pm PDT
As state officials turn down or return federal money intended for high speed rail projects, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood used this seemingly unwanted funding to throw an epic party in Las Vegas.
Planetizen April 1st Edition
April 1, 2011, 11am PDT
Ice cream maker Ben & Jerry's has released a new flavor inspired by New York City Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan.
Planetizen April 1st Edition
April 1, 2011, 10am PDT
After months of debate over which ideology should guide the future of cities and urban development, New Urbanists and Landscape Urbanists at Harvard University are planning to settle the argument with a fistfight.
Planetizen April 1st Edition
April 1, 2011, 9am PDT
With the recent announcement that Detroit's population has declined nearly 25% over the last decade, the city has hired a public relations specialist who promptly denied any problems in the city, arguing that it is simply on a "people diet".
Planetizen April 1st Edition
April 1, 2011, 8am PDT
Officials in Portland are accusing nearby Vancouver, British Columbia of bribing judges to buy their first place spot in a recent top ten list of the world's most livable cities.
Planetizen April 1st Edition
April 1, 2011, 7am PDT
Nine months after a horrendous traffic jam clogged a Chinese roadway for 62 miles outside Beijing for 9 whole days, area hospitals have seen a fivefold increase in births.
Planetizen April 1st Edition
April 1, 2011, 6am PDT
Rising gas prices have pushed many in L.A. to ditch their cars in favor of public transit. But the switch has been tough for some car-tethered Angelenos, so the MTA has added car racks to its buses for those not ready to leave their cars behind.
Planetizen April 1st Edition
April 1, 2011, 5am PDT
A brand new city in South Korea -- wired with smart grid technologies, a real-time control platform, deep sensing, simulation, and advanced analytics -- has accidentally downloaded a major computer virus.
Planetizen April 1st Edition
March 28, 2011, 11am PDT
To kick off its Legacy Plan update process, the Winston-Salem and Forsyth County, NC planning board made a music video featuring an original song, a bluegrass band and some familiar scenes.
Winston-Salem Journal
March 17, 2011, 12pm PDT
Our annual list of the 10 best planning, design, and development websites represents some of the top online resources for news, information and research on the built environment.
Abhijeet Chavan
March 16, 2011, 12pm PDT
An enterprising couple from Los Angeles turned an RV into a mode of public transportation for the party-going crowd. Recent partnerships with Foursquare and Walt Disney Imagineering have made the RV a popular way to get around Tinseltown.
GOOD Magazine
March 15, 2011, 8am PDT
A design student from the Royal College of Art, London raises the question of whether urban design can be used to bridge the gap between humans and animals which share urban environments.
GOOD Magazine
March 11, 2011, 2pm PST
Enjoy this detailed demonstration of Detroit's Light Rail Proposal, using rap and LEGOs to communicate the message that light rail in the center of the road is better than then on the sides.
March 11, 2011, 1pm PST
Selling high-speed rail to the American public has just gotten a whole lot easier with the assistance from the brilliant minds at "Mad Men."
GOOD Magazine
March 7, 2011, 7am PST
Chuck Wolfe suggests five "Burnhamisms" for getting communities inspired and engaged with urban planning, including using social media and video to communicate your message.
March 4, 2011, 2pm PST
Chinese search engine company Baidu has developed an alternative to Google's (banned in China) 3D view.
February 25, 2011, 2pm PST
While Philadelphia has a real-life statue of the famous underdog Rocky Balboa, an online campaign in Detroit wants a similar RoboCop statue put up. TIME Magazine has other must-have icons from the 80s era it thinks cities should adopt in stone.
February 18, 2011, 11am PST
Yuri Artibise is an expert on infographics and has chosen his favorite ones on cities.
Sustainable Cities Collective