Ethics In The Planning Workplace

When should planners speak up over objections of principle, and when should they simply follow orders? Richard Carson offers advice for three situations planners may face on the job.

June 11 - Richard H. Carson


The Three Most Exciting Trends In Planning

Retiring AICP President Norman Krumholz outlines the three most exciting trends in urban planning today. But have they overshadowed the true purpose of planning?

May 14 - Norman Krumholz


The Electronic Architecture Of Community

The challenge for most communities is how to create a digital architecture that addresses their community goals. Dr. Horan looks at how planners can ensure their city is part of a wired community.

April 23 - Thomas A. Horan, Ph.D.


When Growth Management Fails, Build New Towns

Growth management is only slowing the eventual demise of the modern city. Richard Carson proposes starting over and offers his criteria for "New Towns."

April 18 - Richard H. Carson


Sprawl = Injustice

The sprawling suburbanization of America has implications for both planning and social justice -- it penalizes the millions of Americans who are too poor to drive. Mr. Lewyn calls for a "no roads without transit" policy.

April 9 - Michael Lewyn


The Worst Streets In North America

Members of the The New Urbanism movement have compiled a list of the most sprawling and pedestrian unfriendly strips of asphalt and concrete in the nation.

March 21 - Jim Colleran


Why Public Buildings Are Important To Planning

Our public buildings -- courthouses, post offices, town halls, libraries, schools -- are a reflection of who we are as a community and as a people.

March 10 - Wayne M. Senville


Krumholz Responds: The Case For Planning Certification

The president of AICP responds to the charge that planning certification can actually harm a planner's career. AICP represents the highest standard of the profession.

February 28 - Norman Krumholz, AICP


AICP: Does Planning Certification Matter?

Architects, engineers and lawyers have professional certifications. Planners have the AICP. But does it matter? Richard Carson argues that it will hurt your planning career.

February 7 - Richard H. Carson


The Argument Against Smart Growth

Will smart growth result in more traffic congestion and air pollution? Wendell Cox presents the argument for sprawl and against urban 'smart growth' development.

January 22 - Wendell Cox


Ecologically-based Municipal Land Use Planning

Current land use practices are doomed to failure because they rely on zoning that ignores the capacity and function of the community's natural resources.

January 4 - William B. Honachefsky, P.L.S., P.P.


Editorial Cartoon

December 20 - Gus Salazar


Oregon Learns A Hard Lesson

Why did Oregon voters pass Measure 7? Citizens were tired of heavy-handed government planners.

December 8 - Richard H. Carson


Economic Gardening

Littleton, Colorado's healthier approach to economic development.

November 29 - Chris Gibbons


Editorial Cartoon

November 20 - Gus Salzar


Los Angeles' Vision for Neighborhood Empowerment

Los Angeles' new Department of Neighborhood Empowerment is creating a system of neighborhood councils to restructure city government and local planning. Will it succeed?

October 25 - Bill Christopher


Why Measure Smart Growth?

If smart growth can be measured, cities and regions can be evaluated against specific performance standards, and our communities can grow smarter. But can it be done?

September 15 - Stan Ross


Infrastructure Planning is Key to Smart Growth

Speed has become far more important than storage in moving goods. The success of your regional trade industry will depend on it. Are you planning for it?

August 30 - W. Blake Baird


Wanted: Fast Growing Technology Company

The booming success of e-commerce and the accompanying revenue it generates for the cities where it locates has made dot.coms the businesses to have in your community.

August 16 - Larry Kosmont


California's Housing Policies Create Slums

California cities are being pressured to slow growth and preserve open space. Yet the state's population continues to grow rapidly. The result will be acute housing shortages that create the nation's largest slums in California.

August 1 - Anthony Downs

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