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Message from PD&R Leadership: Building Codes: The Role They Can Play

In the leadership message, director of PD&R’s Affordable Housing Research and Technology Division Elizabeth A. Cocke examines the history and regulatory role of building codes. With the exception of HUD standards regarding manufactured housing, the federal government does not design or control building codes. Instead, two nongovernmental organizations — the International Code Council and the National Fire Protection Association — develop model codes that states and localities adopt as ordinances.

Featured: Learning from Disaster Recovery Efforts

The National Housing Conference’s 2017 gathering, “Solutions for Affordable Housing National Housing Policy Convening,” featured a panel discussion about disaster recovery efforts. Moderated by Jenn Fogel-Bublick, the panelists discussed lessons from past postdisaster recovery and housing efforts, explored more efficient rebuilding strategies, and examined tools that communities can use before disaster strikes to mitigate damage. Highlighted points included the needs of low-income residents in disaster-stricken areas and the necessity of cooperation between communities and responding agencies.

In Practice: Disaster Recovery Funds Affordable Burlington Willows Townhomes in Ward County, North Dakota

The Burlington Willows, a 40-unit low-income housing development in Burlington, North Dakota, was constructed as part of disaster recovery efforts in the wake of the 2011 Souris River flood. The $8.26 million project, which opened in May 2016, was funded in part by a Community Development Block Grant– Disaster Relief allocation. The project is co-owned by the Minot Housing Authority and affordable housing developer Beyond Shelter, Inc. The Burlington Willows provides eight units designated for Essential Service Workers employed in government or medicine.

Trending: The Future of American Cities

In November 2017, a wide range of planning, design, and administrative professionals attended the seventh annual CityAge: The New American City conference in Washington, DC. Panelists discussed innovations shaping the future of American cities and ways to expand inclusivity and equality, promote alternative modes of transit, strengthen public-private partnerships for affordable housing development, and upgrade aging infrastructure to improve resilience.

Spotlight on PD&R Data: Tourism and Business Sectors Drive Growth in Anaheim HMA

The seventh article in a series focusing on HUD's Comprehensive Housing Market Analyses (CHMAs) examines the Anaheim, California housing market area (HMA). This HMA, which includes the major cities of Santa Ana and Irvine, has been experiencing overall economic growth since 2010, although the rate of growth has slowed to less than the national average. The housing sales market is balanced as of 2017, contrasted with high demand for rental units in the same period. The 3-year economic outlook is for continued growth in both sectors of the housing market, driven by the strength of the tourism and business sectors.

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February 23, 2018 - 10:46am
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