Symbium Launches Plancheck to Streamline Planning Compliance Review

Location: San Francisco, CA

Symbium has announced the launch of Symbium Plancheck as its next Complaw tool to streamline residential compliance review for applicants and planning departments.

Symbium Plancheck is comprised of two modules:

  1. An applicant-facing module that allows architects, contractors, or homeowners to perform initial feasabillity on projects, view the planning regulations and forms applicable to their specific projects, and to submit complete and correct applications to city planners; and
  2. A city planner-facing module that will enable city staff to instantly filter through and view planning regulations that apply to any residential project proposal. Planners will be able to enter a project scope into Symbium Plancheck to instantly view a checklist of the specific zoning regulations that impact the project.  

The web-based tool will check to see if regulations are complied with and provides metrics, notes, and links to the zoning code to aid site plan review. Plancheck will also generate comment letters and enable internal comments and communications so that projects notes are visible to other city staff for more consistent responses, especially at the (in person or virtual) counter.

“Symbium Plancheck will level the field for both project sponsors and city staff who will benefit from faster and more consistent compliance reviews,” says Symbium CEO, Leila Banijamali. “This is a game-changer for cities in states like California, where the State mandates the development of a predetermined number of residential units to satisfy regional housing numbers. Cities will now be able to eliminate bottlenecks in compliance reviews and ramp up approvals of projects, not to mention permitting revenue, without having to increase staff resources - it’s a major win during a time of pandemic uncertainty and especially as we emerge from the pandemic into a new way of work with e-permits.” 

Cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Mateo, Pacifica, Milplitas, and more are already working with Symbium to streamline the regulatory processes in their planning departments. From streamlining ADU feasibility or business zoning for the public to compliance review of all residential construction projects for city planners, Symbium is helping cities approve more housing units, generate more revenue, and train up staff and consultants in record times. 

Symbium Plancheck can be used as a standalone tool and can also be integrated into any city’s permit tracking system (PTS) to supercharge permitting workflows.

Schedule a demo for your city planning or community development department by contacting us: [email protected]

Let’s build more housing together. Learn more about Symbium Plancheck

Posted June 15, 2021

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