United States

The new Republican-controlled Senate achieved its first major legislative victory on Thursday (Jan. 29) by passing S.1 to authorize construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. Five more votes are needed to override a potential presidential veto.
18 hours ago   The Hill
<p>A new report looks at how reducing the amount of driving can create sizable economic benefits for cities.</p>
Aug 21, 2007   The Oregonian
<p>Responding to an internet ad, architect Danny Forster won the chance to host the Discovery Channel's 'Build It Bigger' series.</p>
Aug 20, 2007   USA Today
<p>U.S. Secretary of Transportation Mary Peters implies that federal money is wasted on cycling infrastructure.</p>
Aug 20, 2007   Streetsblog
<p>Mining has expanded around many of the country's national parks, causing concern that the legal extraction of natural and hazardous materials is harming the protected ecosystems.</p>
Aug 19, 2007   New Scientist
<p>Census officials are asking immigration officials to halt raids during the 2010 Census enumeration process in hopes of obtaining an accurate count of illegal immigrants in the country.</p>
Aug 18, 2007   Associated Press via The Seattle Times
<p>Aging gerbils unable to generate electricity and ancient curses add to America's infrastructure woes, according to the Onion.</p>
Aug 17, 2007   The Onion
<p>Despite the federal government's recently-awarded grants to support toll roads and other measures to reduce traffic congestion, many subsidies still exist that encourage car use.</p>
Aug 17, 2007   The New York Times
<p><em>National Geographic Adventure</em> has released a guide to the best adventure towns in the U.S. Their lists include the best small towns, cities, mountain towns, coastal towns, and others.</p>
Aug 16, 2007   National Geographic Adventure
<p>The Bay Area received $158 million from a federal congestion pricing program for improvements to traffic, transit, and parking, but it is conditional upon San Francisco and California legislative approval for the controversial tolls on Doyle Drive.</p>
Aug 16, 2007   San Francisco Examiner
<p>Despite busts in residential construction, American cities such as Phoenix are managing to continue growing due to an influx of commercial construction.</p>
Aug 14, 2007   The Wall Street Journal