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Angie Schmitt follows up on an earlier report by the Citizen's Budget Commission that made an argument for the affordability of cities like New York City, with it's large network of cheap transportation.
2 hours ago   Streetsblog USA
<p>Nancy Solomon reports that due to increased demand Amtrak may increase service along urban lines in its northeast corridor.</p>
Jan 23, 2007   National Public Radio
<p>New Urbanists are pushing for big changes to the International Traffic Engineers' thoroughfare design manual to help make roads more pedestrian-friendly.</p>
Jan 22, 2007   New Urban News
<p>USC's Peter Gordon squares off against UCLA's Matthew Kahn in the Wall Street Journal's ECONBLOG to debate whether London's style of congestion pricing is the right answer for U.S. traffic.</p>
Jan 22, 2007   The Wall Street Journal
<p>Philip Langdon covers two new urban projects, Holiday neighborhood in Boulder, CO, and Beerline B in Milwaukee, WI, that achieve an intriguing mix of approaches and styles.</p>
Jan 22, 2007   New Urban News
Airports connect us to the world, generate enormous economic benefits, and provide an important first impression of a city. It's high time the airports shed their bad rap and are planned not as nuisances, but assets. Exclusive
Jan 22, 2007  By Ryan N. Hall
<p>A New York chef lays in on the policy failures, lost local economies, damaged environments, and the bland food that have resulted from the U.S. Farm Bill, which will have its every-half-decade facelift in Congress this year.</p>
Jan 21, 2007   The New York Times
<p>An unlikely group of Republicans and Democrats, the Union Sportsman's Alliance, will be formed on Jan. 23 to protect lands in the Rocky Mountain West for hunting and fishing that are largely threatened because of energy exploration.</p>
Jan 20, 2007   The Washington Post
<p>One urban dweller calls on nature writers to take a look at Los Angeles, and other cities, in order to regain relevance in today's world.</p>
Jan 19, 2007   Grist
<p>The New York Times profiles three different homes in different areas of the country that sell for $300,000.</p>
Jan 18, 2007   The New York Times
<p>High-tech garages and online applications promise to help ease motorists' parking frustrations.</p>
Jan 18, 2007   MSNBC