For Cycling Advocates, One Question Reigns: Got Networks?

As the level of sophistication in cycling infrastructure increases, the value of networks becomes even more apparent.

The last two years have seen significant cycling investments in North America. Hazel Borys celebrates what's working, and points to the importance of getting the bike networks in place to connect it all:

"Unless all of these well-designed bike lanes, tracks and boulevards connect with each other to get to great urbanism and wilderness – plus everything in between – their value is marginalized."

"Nothing demonstrates the almost-gravitational pull of great places more than last month's video by Jo Wood at City University in London looking at the first 5 million trips on Barclays Cycle Hire. The mesmerizing flow of light maps out those network connections in real time. With tires engaged, my own four and a half minute video below captures some of my favourite places to cycle in my city of Winnipeg."

Thanks to Scott Doyon

Full Story: Ode to Summer Cycling: Winnipeg Insights from the Trails


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