Community / Economic Development

Portland's over-educated, under-employed population is largely a semi-retired community of young adults, according to some. But with rising housing prices and overall cost of living, it is unclear how Portland will retain these characteristics.
14 hours ago   The New York Times Magazine
How exurban expansion paves the way for the next housing crisis.
Sep 19, 2008   Culture11
The Pennsylvania Fresh Food Financing Initiative (FFFI) has provided $42 million in grants and loans to finance 58 locally-owned grocery stores, combating fresh grocery shortages in areas of rural and urban Pennsylvania.
Sep 18, 2008   Hometown Advantage
In parts of Texas, state officials and local communities are in a tug-of-war over post-Ike coastline rebuilding efforts.
Sep 18, 2008   The Houston Chronicle
Convenience stores in lower income neighborhoods are notorious for their unsightliness and for carrying unhealthful foods. This article highlights one project that aims to help the corner store evolve into a healthy, community-oriented place.
Sep 17, 2008   Next American City
In order to get more retailers to set up shop in one San Francisco neighborhood, the definition of "meal" must be established to keep out new places that can't serve one.
Sep 17, 2008   The San Francisco Chronicle
With growth controls making suburban properties less attractive and wealth becoming concentrated in older centres, Canada's big box retailers are looking downtown for new locations.
Sep 17, 2008   Globe and Mail
Using Milan as a model, Inverness, Scotland has lofty plans for its Old Town. To achieve them, asserts one local historian, the city must get creative--and more optimistic--in meetings its challenges.
Sep 17, 2008   The Inverness Courier
Civic leaders in Indianapolis are considering closing Monument Circle to traffic. Says one, "From a European perspective, this could be one of the great public spaces in America."
Sep 17, 2008   Indianapolis Business Journal
Gulfport, Mississippi lays plans to be the home of America's largest container port facility.
Sep 16, 2008   Sun Herald
I occasionally get accused locally of being too much of a "booster" for Vancouver's success and reputation in city-building and urban design. Opinion
Sep 16, 2008   By Brent Toderian