Community / Economic Development

Planners face the increasing challenge of how to improve economic opportunities for individuals while simultaneously improving urban neighborhoods without triggering gentrification.
15 hours ago   Governing
As a developer turned bicycle activist, Brad Knoefler is trying to bring an urban greenway to one of Miami's most blighted neighborhoods. However, a myriad of red tape remains to be cut.
Apr 23, 2009   Miami Herald
Last week, with a $4.5 million budget deficit and no development activity, the Petaluma City Council took the drastic step of eliminating its entire planning department.
Apr 22, 2009   California Planning & Development Report
After years of being unfairly associated with conservatism, auto-dependence should be an issue of concern for all Americans--largely because of what it means to the fabric of their communities.
Apr 22, 2009   The Witherspoon Institute
Encouraging the creative class to rent and eventually own in foreclosed neighborhoods revives blighted neighborhoods, but the strategy isn't without controversy or setbacks.
Apr 22, 2009   The Wall Street Journal
"If we can develop and design streets so that they are wonderful, fulfilling places to be - community-building places, attractive for all people - then we will have successfully designed about one-third of the city." Blog Post
Apr 21, 2009   By Brent Toderian
Residents of Charlotte, NC are pushing the State to change a zoning rule to allow a WalMart to go in on Independence Blvd. Land around the boulevard is being held for a possible freeway, but residents claim the area is stagnating from the strictures.
Apr 21, 2009   The Charlotte Observer
With new rules that are going to push it closer to Las Vegas-style gambling, the small Colorado casino town of Blackhawk is getting ready to handle the new crowds as it becomes more of a draw.
Apr 20, 2009   The New York Times
 At a company presentation about environmental impact the other week a colleague included a historic photograph of Scollay Square in Boston.  You are pardoned if, even after visiting or living in that city, this doesn't sound familiar because all prominent characteristics of the area were summarily Blog Post
Apr 20, 2009   By Ian Sacs
Kansas City has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in a new indoor arena with the hopes of luring a pro basketball or hockey team. But a year and a half after opening, nobody's biting.
Apr 17, 2009   The Atlantic
As a new luxury retail center replaces a decades-old hardware store in upscale Malibu, California, many worry about the troubled future facing local businesses and services.
Apr 17, 2009   Los Angeles Times