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In Santiago, Chile, a group of people used plastic cups, shipping pallets, and paint to transform a lifeless parking lot into a vibrant public space while construction of an underground metro line limi Opinion
Yesterday   By Mike Lydon
Education, higher incomes and the availability of healthy food choices contribute to making Burlington, Vermont America's healthiest city.
Nov 17, 2008   CNN
Strip malls could be the next frontier for urban redevelopment, according to Chris Nelson.
Nov 15, 2008   The Oregonian
The two owners of a traditional 8-acre strip, big box retail center in San Francisco have asked for an amendment to the neighborhood plan (undergoing revision) to allow them to add housing on top of their stores, thus doubling the height limit.
Nov 14, 2008   San Francisco Examiner
An industry expert predicted at ULI's fall meeting that the new home market could pick back up by 2010, followed by a rally in the resale market in 2011.
Nov 14, 2008   ULI's The Ground Floor
When President-elect Obama takes office in January, he says, an Office of Urban Policy will be established, and a Director of Urban Policy will be in place to "coordinate all federal urban programs."
Nov 12, 2008   The Washington Post
Giant 'supergraphics' drape over the sides of buildings in Los Angeles, usually advertising the latest blockbuster. Almost all of the signs are in violation of sign laws, and building inspectors think they may be fire hazards.
Nov 12, 2008   The Coalition to Ban Billboard Blight
Cities facing budget cuts are cutting back on Christmas decorations and events. Has the Grinch stolen Christmas?
Nov 11, 2008   The Wall St. Journal
The Old Town neighborhood of Bellingham, WA, is a hangout for the homeless. The city plans to revitalize the area with new condo buildings, but locals fear that new residents won't mix well with the current ones.
Nov 11, 2008   Seattle Post-Intelligencer
As China embarks on the greatest rail-building investment since the U.S. built its transcontinental railroad, this article points to the urgent need to reform its state-controlled pricing system, both for freight and passengers, to make it effective.
Nov 11, 2008   Business Week
In a professional critique of his master plan for the new town of Poundbury in England - one of the first new towns under Prince Charles' Foundation for the Built Environment - Leon Krier reveals that the plan was 'meant to be boring'.
Nov 10, 2008   bd