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Let's discuss how community planning could be fundamentally reorganized to improve both efficiency and placemaking.
Yesterday   Better Cities & Towns
The income gap between rural and urban residents in China has increased again in 2008, and has been attributed to other social inequities in the growing country.
Jan 21, 2009   BBC
John Norquist presents CNUs recommendations for improving the American Recovery and Reinvestment Economic Recovery Bill, including more funding for transit and smarter road building.
Jan 20, 2009   Congress for the New Urbanism
The 2012 Olympics in London -- a one month event three years away -- has already created nearly 30,000 construction jobs.
Jan 20, 2009   Building
One down, nine to go - that's how many hwy projects Gov. Schwarzenegger wants exempted from environmental review in order to be 'shovel ready' for the Obama stimulus. Hwy 50 was settled to the delight of enviros who negotiated a big win for transit.
Jan 19, 2009   The Sacramento Bee
Mitch Albom writes about the ghosts of Detroit, and the undying belief that someday the city will come back.
Jan 19, 2009   Sports Illustrated
The town of Eden Prairie, Minnesota, has grand plans for a new, pedestrian-oriented downtown, but making this idea reality involves getting rid of one large and vocal neighbor: WalMart.
Jan 19, 2009   Minneapolis-St. Paul Star-Tribune
Blog Post
Jan 18, 2009   By Rick Abelson
The first draft of the house stimulus package has been released. This piece from <em>Stateline</em> looks at its major components.
Jan 18, 2009   Stateline
The master plan for Salem, Oregon's Pringle Creek Community is ambitious, says Jim Fitzsimons, incorporating mixed-use, sustainable development with the community-enhancing aspects of old city neighborhoods.
Jan 17, 2009 A Journal of the Built & Natural Environments
The age of iconic architecture may be ending. The recession is a major factor, but much of the shift may be due to changing perceptions about what architecture is supposed to do for a place, according to critic Robert Campbell.
Jan 16, 2009   The Boston Globe