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Most policies regarding poverty are driven by obsolete metrics. Another model, which measures the very basic needs for survival, reveals deep poverty in New York City.
12 hours ago   Quartz
<em>New York Magazine</em>'s list of reasons to love New York includes a nod to the city's streets and their recent renovation into pedestrian- and bike-friendly thoroughfares.
Dec 17, 2008   New York Magazine
To retain its young and educated, Baton Rouge officials must identify what they want and follow through in giving it to them.
Dec 16, 2008   Business Report
As New York City faces its worst financial crisis in 2 decades, a NYC D.O.T. study was released showing that from 2003-2007, the increase in jobs and people was accompanied by a slight decrease in traffic due primarily to increased transit usage.
Dec 15, 2008   The New York Times
Detroit's decay epitomizes the collapse not just of the American auto industry, but the entire American consumer economy as well, writes Jennifer Wells.
Dec 15, 2008   The Globe and Mail
America's growing regional metropolises can be the guiding light for America's urban revival, according to Manuel Pastor, Jr.
Dec 15, 2008   Citiwire
A new study shows that kids living in subsidized housing in New York do significantly worse on standardized tests than those outside the system. Is it possible to understand the true cause of the problem, and if we do, how do we fix it? Judy Chang reports. Exclusive
Dec 15, 2008  By Judy Chang
Prison construction is flourishing under the assumption that it boosts rural economies, but as Eric Lotke points out, investing in other types of building would yield greater returns to society.
Dec 14, 2008   Campaign for America's Future
In an effort to revitalize the local economy, Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper has announced a plan to fast-track more than 200 construction projects in the city.
Dec 14, 2008   The Denver Post
"Economic troubles spread from housing to other development sectors, including retail and offices."
Dec 12, 2008   New Urban News
David Bollier argues that large institutions and businesses may have reached their peak, and we're headed towards a 'peer production' economy.
Dec 12, 2008   On The Commons