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Jessica Brent is a recent graduate of the University of Oklahoma Urban Design Studio. With a background in public health, she is interested in the many ways the urban form contributes to health and wellness. She currently serves as Mobility Management Coordinator for the Indian Nations Council of Governments (INCOG) in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Her focus is transit but when her boss isn't looking she pokes her nose in the bike/ped planning projects. The paths of travel through cities are endlessly fascinating to her. An urban designer at heart, Jessica admires creative interventions, thoughtful design and the application of marketing and branding strategies to city planning. In addition to her work with INCOG, Jessica is the site planner for Saint Francis Tulsa Tough, Tulsa's 3-day cycling festival. She is active in her neighborhood's development committee and serves on the board for Tulsa Now, a grassroots revitalization advocacy group.

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December 28, 2012, 9am PST
WAMU's Michael Pope reports on an Alexandria, VA's plan to level the playing field for bikes, pedestrians and cars by taking out curbs.
December 20, 2012, 7am PST
Air travel is a notoriously wasteful mode. But one airport is taking huge leaps towards sustainability. Julie Rose reports on Charlotte Douglas International's comprehensive recycling and composting program.
December 6, 2012, 6am PST
With 11,000 payphones scattered across New York City, Mayor Michael Bloomberg is asking techies to design a payphone that will meet modern communication needs.
Crain's Business New York
November 18, 2012, 11am PST
In the wake of massive power outages in the Northeast, lighting designer Linnaea Tillett describes pre-industrial techniques for lighting and wayfinding that just might be worth revisiting.
Metropolis POV Blog
November 15, 2012, 2pm PST
Airbnb connects travelers from around the world to unique rentable spaces. With the recent launch of a "Neighborhoods" feature, Airbnb has the potential to redirect tourist spending to often overlooked areas.
Fast Co.Exist
October 28, 2012, 1pm PDT
Planner and urbanist Brent Toderian explains why Halloween is his favorite holiday.
Huffington Post British Columbia
October 9, 2012, 6am PDT
Amtrak announced this week that they will train 8,000 employees across the nation on how to identify and report potential victims of human trafficking.
USA Today
September 12, 2012, 12pm PDT
In the the first of a 2-part series on transit and gentrification, WAMU's Martin Di Caro reports on the rapidly developing (and gentrifying) Georgia Avenue corridor in Washington D.C.
Transportation Nation
September 7, 2012, 9am PDT
Blogging on HuffPo, Greg LeRoy, director of Good Jobs First, makes the case that transit, transit oriented development and smart growth are key factors in job growth.
Huffington Post
September 1, 2012, 11am PDT
Unprecedented urbanization calls for unprecedented planning, argues writer Tim De Chant. His proposal: a scientific model for responsive urban design.
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