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March 4, 2014, 2pm PST
Governments should look to land value tax to fund large city-building projects.
Future Cities
February 26, 2014, 10am PST
Tech buses deployed by companies like Google and Apple bring the benefit of more collective transportation. But there's an underlying dark side to these services that must be discussed.
Future Cities
February 21, 2014, 5am PST
Developers should be looking to shrinking cities like Detroit and Buffalo, not to greenfields, for future development.
Future Cities
February 19, 2014, 7am PST
Interested in city transportation and mass transit? Here are the Top 10 accounts to follow on Twitter.
Future Cities
February 14, 2014, 12pm PST
A valentine to ten cities around the world that are quietly creating urban paradigms to admire and emulate.
Future Cities
February 13, 2014, 6am PST
Should dying cities like Detroit get their own visa programs to attract skilled foreign workers? What about prosperous cities like New York and London?
Future Cities
February 11, 2014, 8am PST
One of the best ways to gain citizens' perspectives of their cities is to see what they see, and how they see it. Here are 30 photos sent in by people from global cities that capture that point of view.
Future Cities
February 2, 2014, 1pm PST
City Hall isn't what it once was. Here are eight new positions that your local government should be hiring for this year.
Future Cities
January 30, 2014, 11am PST
These 15 ancient cities can help modern urbanites plan more efficient and sustainable municipalities.
Future Cities
January 26, 2014, 9am PST
Chicago's big-data projects seem unwieldy, but there is a sound core plan informing them.
Future Cities