Parking Policy

Los Angeles Skyline

Opinion: L.A. Parking Requirements Need Serious Revamp

Los Angeles has a parking problem—namely, too much of it—caused by minimum parking requirements.

February 20, 2020 - Los Angeles Times

Traffic in Manhattan New York

A Parking-Focused Alternative to Congestion Pricing

Congestion management using parking strategies would be more politically palatable while delivering significant outcomes.

September 27, 2018 - New York Times

Parking Sign

Two New Parking Policies Put Portland in the Lead on Parking

Portland will implement dynamic meter pricing and parking districts, making it the leader in progressive parking policies in the Pacific Northwest, according to this article.

August 15, 2018 - Sightline Institute

Cleveland Warehouse District

Policy Dos and Don'ts from 'Parking Guru' Donald Shoup

Distinguished Professor of Urban Planning Donald Shoup has caused a revolution in the field of parking economics over his four decades at UCLA.

April 20, 2015 - The Planning Report

Bicycle Plan Leads to Parking Policy Questions in St. Paul

St. Paul is in the community engagement stage of a bike planning process expected to culminate early next year. Among the bike plan's proposals, none have sparked as much controversy as a downtown loop that would remove street parking.

December 13, 2014 - Minneapolis Post

Unbundling Parking Costs to Keep Families in Cities

Cities tend to attract Millennials, but as the saying goes, when they get older and start families, off they go to the suburbs! Seattle developer and author A-P Hurd promotes parking unbundling as a key strategy enabling families to remain in cities.

August 11, 2014 - CityLab

City Hall Philadelphia

Is the Millennial Political Revolution Beginning in Philadelphia?

Philadelphia Inquirer Architecture Critic Inga Saffron writes of a possible political awakening among Millennials in Philadelphia in response to the old guard's efforts to stifle progressive parking and zoning decisions.

July 8, 2014 - Philadelphia Inquirer

More Disincentives for Driving Required for Philadelphia to Achieve 'Greenest' Status

Philadelphia's Mayor Michael Nutter has set a policy goal of becoming the "Greenest City in America," but the city's lack of progress in reducing automobile use is a troubling obstacle to such a lofty goal.

July 7, 2014 - Next City

Can Detroit Fix its Parking Enforcement Mess?

In a recent column for Detroit Free Press, Nancy Kaffer responded to a proposal by Detroit Mayor Kevin Orr to raise the price of a parking ticket in Detroit by $20 to $45.

April 13, 2014 - Detroit Free Press

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