Friday Funny: When Green Technology Backfires

The humor site Cracked takes a look at what happens when green technology backfires: melting houses, blinded jet pilots and buildings drowning in urine.
September 7, 2012, 2pm PDT | Michael Dudley
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Nick Masercola and Heather Farris, writing for Cracked, consider common "green" technologies that are achieving broad implementation, and discover that many of them are unleashing bizarre and disastrous consequences: energy efficient windows that melt vinyl off of neighboring houses, waterless urinals corroding copper pipes, compost heaps bursting into flames, jet pilots blinded by solar panel installations, and people being driven batty by the "strobe effect" of nearby windfarms. They write,

"That's where we are with 'green' technology -- at the awkward stage where we have to wonder if it's all really worth it. Because some of the kinks we're running into range from horrifying to downright bizarre."


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