Infill Developers Herald The End Of Sprawl

Infill development has been championed largely by architects, planners, and activist groups like the Congress for New Urbanism. Now developers have finally banded together in the Infill Builders Assoc. to insist that infill can be good business.
February 23, 2011, 5am PST | Josh Stephens
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"The purpose of the Infill Builders Association is promote the business of developing great neighborhoods in California cities and towns. We are focusing efforts to catalyze investments in city centers in urban areas as well as to promote the policies that support sustainable development."

"Sprawl in the sense of taking farmland and building ranch homes on it that are far away from anything – that business model is dead. People don't want to live in those houses anymore. The new homebuyers are looking for places where their kids can walk to o school where they can get to work with a short drive or a ride on the train."

"The co-benefits of doing good infill development go far beyond just the sticks and bricks of the housing itself. The fact that we can preserve California's open space by building on already-utilized land, the fact that we can support existing communities in providing more revenue to promote their growth, infrastructure, schools, all of it. It makes sense for California."

Thanks to Josh Stephens

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Published on Wednesday, February 16, 2011 in California Planning & Development Report
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