Using YouTube to Make Zoning Understandable

The City of Oakland, California has produced a series of videos to help explain what zoning is and what the city's zoning update will do. The city's zoning code hasn't been comprehensively updated since 1965.
August 6, 2010, 10am PDT | Tim Halbur
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From the transcript of the video:

"Zoning matters in more ways than you might think. Zoning determines what you can build on your property, and what your neighbors can build on theirs.

Zoning guides how tall buildings can be. It determines how many parking spaces must be provided-and the dimensions of those spaces.

It guides the types of uses that are permitted in the city, and the specific requirements or limits for establishing those uses.

Zoning sets minimum requirements for the size of your front yard, your side yard, and your backyard.

Zoning determines the allowable density of new development, in other words, the number of housing units you can put on your property.

Zoning also identifies which uses or activities on a property require
public notification and what uses may simply be permitted with a business license or a building permit.

In short, zoning shapes the city of Oakland in many ways. It has an enormous impact on the way our neighborhoods look and feel.
It's one of the important tools Oakland has to improve our neighborhoods, revitalize our business districts, protect our parks and open spaces, and make our city a better place."

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Published on Thursday, August 5, 2010 in City of Oakland
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