ULI's "Changing Metropolitan America" Outlines the Critical Role Infrastructure Plays in Keeping America Competitive

ULI's "Changing Metropolitan America" Outlines the Critical Role Infrastructure Plays in Keeping America Competitive

Urban Land Institute

As the nation looks to make significant new federal investments in infrastructure, "Changing Metropolitan America: Planning for a Sustainable Future", a new publication from the Urban Land Institute, outlines strategies for building and maintaining infrastructure that fosters sustainable cities and metropolitan areas.

"The incoming Obama Administration's proposed plan to stimulate the economy through infrastructure projects holds great promise, but the key is where and how the money is invested. A more lasting prosperity can be accomplished if the stimulus package is executed with the overriding goal of fostering urban areas that are both environmentally and economically sustainable," notes the publication's primary author, ULI Senior Resident Fellow William H. Hudnut, III.

"Changing Metropolitan America" provides the know-how for planning and implementing road and bridge construction and maintenance that fuels the economy and supports prosperity. The book outlines a comprehensive approach to planning that includes a thorough understanding of the country's current "infrastructure deficit", as well as the roles that demographics, housing, energy, transportation and governance play in making America's urban areas vibrant and competitive in a global economy.

"Changing Metropolitan America" explains how today's responsible land use requires a new planning and development paradigm with several significant shifts in focus and priority. Those shifts include greater focus on energy conservation; compact, transit-oriented development; urbanized retail options; affordable housing close to work centers; creative, market-oriented strategies for financing infrastructure development; regional collaboration; and combined land and transportation planning.

The book's chapters include:

? The Forces Changing the Shape of Metropolitan America;
? The Ever-Changing, Ever-Evolving Metropolitan Form;
? Where it All Begins: Government, Governance, and Regionalism;
? The Best Transportation Solutions is Being There;
? Infrastructure: The Backbone of the Global Economy;
? Get a CLUE: Climate, Land Use, and Energy;
? The Challenge for Housing: Stop Driving ‘Til You Qualify;
? Building Better Communities through Retail;
? Green is Neither Red nor Blue; and
? Leadership Creates Positive Change.

"Changing Metropolitan America: Planning for a Sustainable Future" (978-0-87420-100-0; Urban Land Institute, 2008) is available everywhere books are sold, and through the Urban Land Institute at www.uli.org or by calling 1-800-321-5011. The price is $36.95. To request a review copy, book cover art, an interview with William Hudnut, or additional information, contact Peggy Meehan by e-mail at [email protected] or at 202-486-8757.

About the Urban Land Institute
The Urban Land Institute is a nonprofit education and research institute supported by its members. Its mission is to provide leadership in the responsible use of land and in creating and sustaining thriving communities worldwide. Established in 1936, the Institute has nearly 40,000 members worldwide representing all aspects of land use and development disciplines.

Posted January 7, 2009

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