Former Presidential Cabinet Members to Speak at VerdeXchange 2009 Green Marketmakers Conference

Former Presidential Cabinet Members to Speak at VerdeXchange 2009 Green Marketmakers Conference


Their close relationship with the new administration and their personal experience setting national policy will give attendees a window into how the United States will shape its response to greenhouse gas reduction challenges and how the Obama administration will approach global collaboration.

"President-elect Obama's comments this past week at Governor Schwarzenegger's Climate Change Summit clearly acknowledged the importance of state and regional leadership on this issue," said David Abel, VerdeXchange's Managing Director. "The President-elect affirmed he will build on California's initiatives and create a clean energy road map for his new administration that includes a cap-and-trade program, goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing renewable energies, and steps toward ending U.S. dependence on foreign sources of oil."

The VerdeXchange Green Marketmakers conference will be held at the Downtown Marriott, Los Angeles, California, from 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on Monday, January 26, 2009. The VerdeXchange Conference will bring together leading technology, energy and regulatory green marketmakers - the public and private sector "drivers of change" who create the markets for green technology products and sustainable services - to explore how cutting-edge public policy initiatives for addressing climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions will change the growing marketplace for technologies and services in industries ranging from electricity generation and transport fuels to home construction, waste management and water conservation. The conference builds on the success of the December 2007 GreenXChange Global Marketplace Conference, which engaged more than 1,000 participants and representatives from eleven countries.

"California is epicenter of climate change initiatives and those attending the VerdeXchange Conference, as I did last year, will hear firsthand about when and where the most interesting opportunities will be felt," said former U.S Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta. "I look forward to engaging with the leading executives in the public and private sector and learning how these marketmakers plan to meet the demand for breakthrough renewable technologies."

"Looking at the lineup, the VerdeXchange Conference will do for the green marketplace what the Sundance Film Festival did for the movie industry," said former U.S. Commerce Secretary and former U.S. Trade Secretary Mickey Kantor. "Nowhere else do I see a confluence of the diverse range of sectors - energy, finance, transportation, public and private utilities, built environment planning and universities - all with the singular goal of delivering and capitalizing on clean and green products and services."

The event is inspired and informed by California's pace-setting climate change initiatives, specifically Assembly Bill 32 (signed into law 2006), California Governor Schwarzenegger's 2005 Executive Order to advance clean renewable energy and the California Air Resources Board's(CARB) new authority, confirmed by the US Supreme Court, to regulate the reduction of passenger car GHG emissions in California. According to CARB, implementation of these laws is generating enormous economic opportunities which promise to create 100,000 new jobs, give a $27 billion boost to California's economy and deliver an increase in personal income of $14 billion. The Conference's focus on California reflects the western states' early national lead in what Thomas Friedman terms "The Earth Race."

At the conference, individuals representing in-market, about to be in-market and needed in-market renewable technologies will interact with public policy makers and the business and financial communities. The conference's audience will be both drivers of climate change policy and practice, and marketmakers in California and globally -- the buyers and sellers, manufacturers and entrepreneurs, elected officials and regulators, policymakers and investors in clean and green, sustainable, energy efficient products.

About VerdeXchange Green Marketmakers Conference:
VerdeXchange Conference 2009 is the single event for green marketmakers who want to take advantage of the opportunities being created by California's cutting edge climate change initiatives. For more information about the VerdeXchange conference, please go to:

About VerdeXchange:
VerdeXchange, LLC is an environmental think tank and publisher created to inform and strategically advise green innovators wishing to diffuse green technology and innovations in the marketplace. For more information about VerdeXchange, visit

Posted November 25, 2008

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