Summer Course in New Urbanism and Beyond, October 4th-8th Stockholm, Sweden

Summer Course in New Urbanism and Beyond, October 4th-8th Stockholm, Sweden

Royal Institute of Technology

The Aim of this, first ever summer course on New Urbanism, is to give a comprehensive state-of-the-art overview of new trends in planning and urban design today. New Urbanism is a growing international, on the edge movement to reform the design of the built environment – it is all about raising our quality of life and standard of living by creating better places to live. Course also aims at giving a better understanding as to how cities can thrive in a new modern era. All of this goes in line of the current efforts of sensitizing and establishing guidelines and tips for city leaders, community activists, business people, researchers, students and regular citizens who seek to understand better and improve the status of their cities, communities and neighborhoods. Course Themes will include: Theory, Urban Form, Transect and Green Urbanism, Wireless Towns and Infrastructure Systems, Segregation and Social Capital & Neighborhoods, Real Estate, Financing and Mixed-Use & Retail, One Day Charrette in a Stockholm Suburb (Husby), Study Visit to Jarla Sjö & Sankt Erik in Stockholm. The course will consist of five blocks – five days. It is primarily intended for practitioners, decision makers and academics. The blocks will be made of series of lectures/seminars with eminent guest speakers, academics and practitioners alike, from the USA and EU. Brainstorming sessions will follow (using FutureScape™) and the days will end in informal discussions in a 3rd place café. The one-day workshop (Charrette) will be the final day of the course and will be primarily moderated by eminent practitioners from the New Urbanism movement in the USA and EU. CONTACT: PLEASE USE THE WEBSITE FOR ANY CONTACT AND QUESTIONS: ([email protected] - vacation from 15th of June - 25th of July)

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For more information contact:

Tigran Hasic
Royal Institute of Technology
Urban Studies, DKV 30, Plan 1
Stockholm 10044
Sweden, EU

Phone: 004687908504
Fax: 004687906761
Email: [email protected]

Posted June 9, 2004

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