Ph.D. Studies, Cornell: Land Use Change Models

Ph.D. Studies, Cornell: Land Use Change Models

Cornell University, City & Regional Planning

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Cornell University recently received grant funding from the US Department of Agriculture and the National Science Foundation to support the development of land use change models in upstate New York. These grants, combined with funding from the Department of City and Regional Planning, will support two Ph.D. students for four or five years each. The first grant is a National Research Initiative grant, "Smarter Growth in Thinning Counties," on which I am the principal investigator. The second is an NSF Biocomplexity grant involving eight investigators in three institutions. Information on the biocomplexity project, which is starting its second year, is available at . Both of these projects involve developing links between GIS and agent based models. Desired skills include both / either strong proficiency in the ESRI family of GIS applications and / or object-oriented programming, preferably in Java. Desired interests and knowledge background include any of the following: land use change, local government regulatory processes, developer decision-making, household mobility and housing-search behavior, landowner decision-making.

Information on Cornell's City and Regional Planning program is available at . Application materials can be obtained by filling out the form at (domestic students) or (international).

Note: Although the formal application deadline is soon, we will accept applications from students for these fellowships until March 15.

Please e-mail me if you have any questions about the projects or the Ph.D. program: [email protected] or telephone 607-255-5561.

Rolf Pendall

Related Link: Application Materials (Domestic Students)

For more information contact:

Rolf Pendall
Cornell University, City & Regional Planning
212 W. Sibley Hall
NY 14853

Phone: 607-255-5561
Fax: 607-255-1971
Email: [email protected]

Posted January 4, 2002

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