Planning And Preservation In St. Petersburg, Russia

<p>A new report from <em>The Classical City</em>, a journal dedicated to preserving St. Petersburg, Russia, describes the destructive effects of the city's new plan and calls for architecture that is consistent with the city's character.</p>
December 23, 2006, 11am PST | Charles Siegel
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"Today the notions of real estate development and traditional architecture seem diametrically opposed to each other; they are, however, not. Only when developers espouse a defunct architectural style is real estate development at odds with traditionalism / classicism."

"The inhabitants of a city renowned for its rich architectural heritage undergoing a development boom should take care to both preserve and protect their city. Legislation that simply inhibits development or dismissively relegates it to a certain area without accounting for it in any other way merely shifts the problem around. It does not solve it."

"Rather, what is needed is a form of local legislation which judiciously regulates real estate development in a manner promoting both economic growth and architectural integrity."

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Published on Thursday, December 21, 2006 in The Classical City
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