Defining Sustainability

Is there a problem with sustainability? Why we are facing a need to change on a planetary scale, and what we must do to survive.
July 17, 2000, 5am PDT | Laura Kraft
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Author Charles McGlashan describes his definition of "sustainability" and how we, as asociety, can acheive it. Sustainability is the idea that we should produce andconsume at a level reflective of the fact that we live in a finite or closedenvironment -- don't use what cannot be replaced, don't createwhat cannot be broken down. These seemingly simple ideas are being regularlyignored everyday by both manufacturers and consumers. The effects arechaos-theory like in their scope and the ramifications may be dire. But it'snot too late to change our approach to manufacturing and consumption and, withcareful planning, the increased efficiency and savings many "green" companieshave enjoyed demonstrate that the effort is well worth it.

Thanks to Laura Krafft

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Published on Thursday, July 13, 2000 in Neighborhood
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