Planetizen Webfeed

If you manage a website or intranet site, you know what it takes to keep it updated with new content. Now you can keep your website fresh with dynamically updated content via the free Planetizen Webfeed.

Display the latest urban planning and development news headlines, announcements, and jobs on your own website. No technical experience required. If you can cut and paste text, you can integrate the Planetizen WebFeed into your website. The Planetizen Webfeed is free to use.

Three Easy Steps

  1. Get the Free WebFeed HTML code.
  2. Simply cut and paste the code into your web page.
  3. Show off your dynamically updated website.

No Maintenance Needed

Once you integrate the WebFeed into your website or intranet site, you do not need to worry about maintaining the WebFeed. The content is updated automatically.

How It Works

The HTML code you paste into your web page uses Javascript* technology to get the latest content from Planetizen and display it on your website.

The Planetizen Free WebFeed can be easily formatted to match the look of your website.

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