Using a cloud-based computing setup, the third largest maker of luxury vehicles unveiled a new set of protections from hackers in the face of driverless travel.
Yesterday   Bloomberg News
Donovan Gillman writes that since most of us can't simply get by without cars, we need "more livable and likable places to park them." His post at Sustainable Cities Collective includes photos of some interesting car parks.
Jun 8, 2011   Sustainable Cities Collective
Calling California's attempts at environmental responsibility a "green jihad," Joel Kotkin argues that the state's "ideological extremism" has led to illogical economic and political decisions - similar to those made in the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Jun 8, 2011   New Geography
At the National Building Museum's Intelligent Cities Forum, one participant compared creating healthy cities to creating healthy animal environments in zoos.
Jun 8, 2011   THE DIRT
This two-minute video features U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood discussing the merits of bicycling and bike friendly places as he and other DOT employees bike to work.
Jun 8, 2011   Vimeo
A slideshow from <em>Good Magazine</em> highlights the newly opened section of the popular High Line Park in NYC.
Jun 8, 2011   GOOD Magazine
New studies are proving that replacing already built buildings with new, energy-efficient ones is not good environmental sense.
Jun 7, 2011   Miller-McCune
On top of all of the planning factors that make a place great, David Roberts adds the element of delight.
Jun 7, 2011   Grist
Eric Jaffe at The Infrastructurist explains the non-intuitive reason why often removing freeways means less traffic.
Jun 7, 2011   The Infrastructurist
Rural Africa is learning to embrace bicycles as a means of transportation.
Jun 7, 2011
Architect Michael Liu asks, "Is it appropriate for a private fee-generating nongovernmental organization to assume what amounts to a regulatory role in the building industry?"
Jun 6, 2011   ArchitectureBoston