New York

The ongoing saga of the tax and regulatory standing of Airbnb, the popular room rental app and poster child for the sharing economy, is evolving in San Francisco, Portland and the state of New York.
Yesterday   SFGate
Buffalo, New York has managed to preserve most of its historic buildings due to a lack of economic drive to replace them. Now that Buffalo is doing better, preservationists are hoping to use those assets for revitalization.
Dec 17, 2009   USA Today
The New York City Council has passed a suite of bills hat require green retrofits on the city's buildings.
Dec 14, 2009   The Architect's Newspaper
The steam rising from New York City streets in the winter offers a lesson about urban infrastructure, according to this explainer form <em>Urban Omnibus</em>.
Dec 11, 2009   Urban Omnibus
Tim Tielman, executive director of the Campaign for Greater Buffalo takes a look at the new Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus and the terrible lack of "eyes on the street" there.
Dec 10, 2009   Planning Commissioners Journal
The New York City Housing Authority has come under fire because thousands of affordable rental units are sitting vacant, some for years at a time.
Dec 10, 2009   The New York Times
A controversy has erupted in Brooklyn over bike lanes, which are opposed by members of the Hasidic community on religious grounds [includes video].
Dec 9, 2009   Huffington Post
Survey data released by the New York City Department of Health indicate a strong correlation between active transportation and better health.
Dec 7, 2009   Streetsblog
Columbia's plans to use eminent domain to expand its campus may have to wait. On Thursday, an appellate court reversed a previous decision to take property on behalf of the school.
Dec 5, 2009   The New York Times
A photographer in the Brooklyn DA's office discovered a tiny model subway used in court cases, and decided it was a perfect set for her pet hamster.
Dec 4, 2009
On Thanksgiving, the NYPD effectively turned West 61st street into a private playground for guests of the Trump Tower.
Dec 4, 2009   The New York Times