Iowa Governor Terry Branstad supports the Keystone XL Pipeline, as do most Republican leaders. Then again, it doesn't go through his state. Not so for the newly proposed Bakken Pipeline that cuts across the heart of Iowa. No word on his position yet.
Jul 16, 2014   The Des Moines Register
<p>New census figures are showing an increasing trend of rural population decline, as more and more people are moving to urban metropolitan areas. These are just two stories of waning population in some of the nation's rural areas.</p>
Mar 23, 2007   Omaha World-Herald, The Raliegh News & Observer
<p>Describing the impact of universities can be challenging for both higher education and Technology-Based Economic Development (TBED). Two new reports demonstrate the importance of higher education institutions to a local economy.</p>
Nov 30, 2006   State Science & Technology Institute
The Living Roadways Community Visioning Program has enabled over 100 small towns in Iowa to improve themselves visually through small urban design improvements that can make a big difference.
May 5, 2006   Associated Press
To "end our addiction to oil", ethanol, a bio-fuel, seems a likely transportation fuel to boost. However, from an air quality and global warming perspective, if the ethanol is going to be produced from coal-fired plants, is it worth it?
Mar 24, 2006   The Christian Science Monitor
As one of the "oldest" states in terms of the average age of its inhabitants, Iowa and its small cities are turning their marketing campaigns toward women, in an attempt to stop "brain drain".
Mar 10, 2006   USA Today
A ISU architecture class encourages students to study how bodies move in relation to architectural forms.
Feb 9, 2006   DesMoines Register
In Des Moines, eminent domain was a critical tool used to revitalize downtown, and the Kelo decision has put 'that ability under a cloud'.
Feb 8, 2006   Des Moines Register
Iowa county hopes incentives will boost population and economy.
Oct 3, 2005   Michigan Land Use Institute
The city is trying to make up for past urban planning mistakes by returning to its riverfront roots, and using modern architecture inspired by Chicago's riverfront success.
Sep 30, 2005   The Chicago Tribune
The city of Newton, Iowa is hoping the NASCAR-sponsored track will bring in much-needed revenue.
Jun 23, 2005   Des Moines Register