An editorial favors one local city's approach to mansionization over another's. When will they ever learn?
12 hours ago   Pasadena Star-News
As oil prices plunge to well below $100/barrel, will Americans reverse all their fuel-efficient behavior learned from $145 oil seen in July? It appears that the economic crisis may continue where the energy crisis left off.
Oct 14, 2008   The Wall Street Journal
Preservation of iconic buildings is important for historical reasons as well as environmental one, according to actress and preservationist Diane Keaton.
Oct 14, 2008   Los Angeles Times
The theaters are in the same city, owned by the same company, a mile apart. One is by the highway on a 14-acre lot, the other is two stories in the middle of town with underground, metered parking, and eateries on the ground level. One is closing.
Oct 14, 2008   The Examiner
Northern California planner and lawyer Joel Ellinwood has committed himself to riding trains and public transit whenever possible. He's learning a lot along the way.
Oct 12, 2008   California Planning & Development Report
A new study shows that noise pollution on the streets of San Francisco is putting nearly one in six residents at risk for heart disease, high blood pressure and other stress-related illnesses.
Oct 10, 2008   The San Francisco Chronicle
Around Los Angeles' Skid Row, vertical farms have been installed on walls. Its project leaders note that it not only promotes locally grown foods, but it also beautifies areas that "would otherwise just be concrete and steel."
Oct 10, 2008   Architectural Record
The New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, and Sacramento Bee editorialize on the signing of SB 375, California's new landmark law that is intended to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by reducing vehicle miles traveled through better land use.
Oct 9, 2008   The New York Times
In the Bay Area, where transit and cycling are encouraged and on the rise, cyclists are increasingly turning towards folding bikes to enjoy unrestricted access to the two major rail systems, BART and Caltrain, due to conventional bike limitations.
Oct 7, 2008   Inside Bay Area
Los Angelenos have long forgotten that they live in a desert, but the coming drought will mean water consumption patterns will need to change on a massive scale writes Scott Thill.
Oct 7, 2008   AlterNet
CA Governor Schwarzenegger vetoed perhaps the most important air quality bill of the year just before the deadline to the dismay of the state's environmental and health community. Alaska Gov. Palin's letter asking for the veto may have played a role.
Oct 6, 2008   San Mateo County Times