Palo Alto, one of the suburban cities at the center of the Silicon Valley tech boom, is considering a Comprehensive Plan Update. On the table for the Planning and Transportation Commission: a "net-zero" restriction for new vehicle trips.
3 hours ago   Palo Alto Weekly
<p>Two Bay Area 'voices' illustrate that lowering carbon content of fuel and increasing its efficiency hardly gets at the root of the transportation-global warming problem -- auto dependency, and offer three strategies to solve it.</p>
Apr 27, 2007   World
<p>The city council has moved to allocate $8 million dollars to pursue five initiatives recommended by a team of consultants designed to increase the supply of affordable housing.</p>
Apr 26, 2007   Pasadena Star-News
<p>Under pressure from federal judges, California has approved plans to build 53,000 new prison and jail beds as part of a $7.3 billion construction effort. Critics say increasing capacity does not address the reasons why prisons are overcrowded.</p>
Apr 26, 2007   The San Francisco Chronicle
<p>The Los Angeles Planning Department has established an Urban Design Studio to tackle the city's thousands of miles of dead streets and aesthetic blight.</p>
Apr 26, 2007   The Planning Report
<p>As California tries to meet its goal of 20% renewable energy use by 2010, it faces the challenge of transporting all that renewable energy without negatively affecting the state's other natural resources.</p>
Apr 25, 2007   The Christian Science Monitor
<p>Munitions, toxic chemicals, and even radioactive wasts at current and former military sites in California pose a serious environmental risk. The extent and scale is unknown as sites predate environmental standards.</p>
Apr 24, 2007   The Sacramento Bee
<p>Cities across California are taking extra steps to encourage people to use their bikes, offering such services as full-service bike stations equipped with showers, and even valet bike parking.</p>
Apr 24, 2007   The Los Angeles Times
<p>A new set of principles and findings to guide future planning in the city has reportedly been giving to planning staff and decision makers.</p>
Apr 24, 2007   Curbed LA
<p>Conservative lawmakers are using climate change as a political issue. Environmentalists are not happy.</p>
Apr 23, 2007   The Sacramento Bee
<p>In the first suit of its kind in the state, if not the country, a Southern California county was sued by environmental groups because their general plan doesn't consider the effects of global warming. The state attorney general has joined the suit.</p>
Apr 23, 2007   The San Bernardino Sun