New Ruling Means Greater Access to California Coast

A ruling this week by the California Coastal Commission will allow a dozen new picnic areas and up to five new trailheads, in addition to camping areas for 280 people and new access to the Coastal Slope Trail. The camping will be the first in Malibu.

The article includes a brief exclusive interview with Joe Edmiston, the executive director of the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, the group who wrote the plan approved this week by the California Coastal Commission and the press release announcing the decision:

"There is no public camping in the city of Malibu. It is a testament to the fact that the Coastal Act process can work. Even though it was a very difficult process, it has resulted in significant new public access."

"The Commissioners were most impressed with the idea of connecting the parks that we have already acquired. We have spent tens of millions of dollars acquiring an open space system that is today principally used by the residents of Malibu. This really opens it up to everybody."

Thanks to James Brasuell

Full Story: SMMC Victorious: Coastal Commission Opens City of Malibu to Public Camping



Coast access

Boy did you guys swallow the Koolaid poured skillfully by Joe Edmiston. Didn't bother to fact check I see. Malibu has hundreds of campsites available to the public already and millions of visitors flock to the beaches and parks each year. Maybe next time you'll do some interviews and learn the true facts instead of regurgitating a press release.

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