The headline asks one of the big questions prompted by Planetizen’s interview with Denver Pla Blog Post
12 min ago   By Dean Saitta
Wubbo Ockels, a Dutch physicist and astronaut, has designed and built a prototype high-speed bus as an alternative to high-speed rail. (VIDEO)
Apr 21, 2011   The Antiplanner
A Houston grandmother could be the first person in the country to get "super WiFi", high-speed wireless internet transmitted over newly accessible segments of the broadcast spectrum.
Apr 19, 2011   The Houston Chronicle
The blog of Pavel Popelskii highlights illustrations from a time when Russia was looking towards a bright, space-age future, with nuclear-powered dirigibles and "super mega jet air cushion trains".
Apr 15, 2011
Sidewalks in Holland have for years utilized piped-in waste heat to melt snow. Now, they've added an additional sidewalk amenity: a hearth.
Apr 14, 2011   Metropolis
A new study out of Stanford University found that individuals are more likely to install solar panels if their neighbors have them.
Apr 13, 2011   GOOD Magazine
Steven Dale notes that another urban gondola has opened in Brazil with little to no coverage in the English-speaking press. Dale pieces together what info he can on this new tourist-oriented aerial tram.
Apr 11, 2011   The Gondola Project
Under House Resolution 995, six cities would be selected as test pilots for advanced ITS technology. Rep. Russ Carnahan, who introduced the bill, says the technologies exist today, they just need to be integrated and deployed.
Apr 6, 2011   Wired
A study that asked regular drivers in Boston and San Francisco to go car-free found that access to real-time mobile information was key to raising the status of public transit for study participants.
Apr 4, 2011   Next American City
USA Today reports on some of the more unusual methods being tried around the United States to relieve traffic congestion.
Apr 4, 2011   USA Today
Google announced that it had chosen Kansas City, Kansas as the launching site for an experimental fiber-optic network with speeds of up to 1 Gb per second.
Mar 30, 2011   TechCrunch