The Mapping Tool that Helped Identify the Ebola Outbreak

An online mapping tool called HealthMap helped identify the recent outbreak of the Ebola virus in West Africa by pulling data from all over the big data spectrum. It can also tell provide insight into the health concerns in your area.

"HealthMap is an open-source network that is constantly collecting information from news reports, health officials, social media and governments around the world to deliver real-time intelligence on a broad range of emerging infectious diseases," reports Vicky Pasquantonio.

The article also credits HealthMap with helping the World Health organization identify the West Africa Ebola virus outbreak.

You can view the map here to find out which health alerts have recently been sounded in your neck of the woods, like West Nile Virus and Rabies in Los Angeles, reported on August 7, or the outbreak of Tuberculosis in Atlanta, reported on August 8 and 10.

Newshour's coverage also includes an interview between Hari Sreenivasan’s and HealthMap co-founders Clark Freifeld and John Brownstein.

Full Story: How mapping the Ebola outbreak may ease future health crises


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